Nice to meet you, my name is Horai, and I'm a new graduate staff member.

Nice to meet you!
My name is Kanane Horai and I joined the company as a new graduate from April 2024!

I am originally from Saitama Prefecture.
When I was little, my dream was to become a professional soccer player!
When I was in high school, I left my parents' home to join a soccer powerhouse in Gunma Prefecture, where I lived in a dormitory.
I was doing it quite seriously!

However, he did not do well in high school, so he gave up on his dream of becoming a professional soccer player and entered a university in Tokyo.
When I was in my first year of university, all classes were moved online due to the coronavirus, and I had a very difficult university life...
At the invitation of a friend, after much deliberation, during my third year at university, I decided that I wanted to become a civil servant and began studying for the civil service.
I still think that study period was hell...

Then came the civil service exam...the result was that I was rejected for the second round (lol)
Based on the results, I decided to look for regular companies, and thankfully, with the help of job hunting support, I received offers from several companies, but because I was secretly starting my music career at the time, I was not allowed to work on the side. There were many companies that did not meet my requirements, such as concerns about employee benefits.

That's when I discovered "Universe."
So to be honest, I didn't join Universe thinking, ``I really want to do this job'', lol.

However, now that I have joined Universe, I have no regrets and am blessed with my seniors and am able to work happily!
I have only recently joined the company and am still an inexperienced person, but I will continue to work hard to continue growing every day!

We may cause some inconvenience to you, but we will do our best and thank you for your continued support!

Tokyo Unit Shinjuku Branch
Horai Kanade

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2024/4 New graduates joining the company. My name is Kanane Horai and I am a staff member of the Shinjuku branch. I will do my best, so thank you for your support!