2014. 01, 28

I don't know! ! !

Osaka, 23 years old Graduate student

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Thank you for visiting my blog

This is Misaki in charge of Osaka! ! !

The other day, a pretty woman came to register

The Osaka dialect is indescribably cute...

(Honda!) Gamisaki is my favourite.

Kansai dialect when talking to male members on the phone

Misaki is flustered from start to finish

We look forward to hearing from you by phone

Please feel free to call

Nao Misaki


In a conversation with a member the other day,

7 billion yen in 160 years after Masahiro Tanaka's story

Signing money with the New York Yankees

how wellIt seems that you can use 600 million in a day

I envy you~ What would you spend your 600 million days on? ? ?

Misaki... Stayed in a suite for a luxurious dinner at an esthetic salon! ! !

Still... not usable

Ah~ I can't help but fantasize, so at this rate

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