The "Universe Club" logo design has been renewed.

The Universe Club has a new logo.

This HP you are looking at now is actually different. (If there is something that has not changed yet, I would appreciate it if you could let the staff nearby know.)

the universe clubAll over the world"Love"Communicate the diversity ofBased on this mission, we have continued to evolve the products and services we provide to realize the creation of a new matching culture.

And this time, along with such evolution, we will announce a new brand identity.

In this renewal, we aim for a simpler form than the conventional logo, and we are conscious of the design that leaves an impression, based on the premise of universality and minimal composition that is not influenced by trends.

And for the colors that make the logo stand out, we have adopted a color palette that combines the depth and character of a sophisticated and refined adult.

While maintaining the key edge angles of the “U” and “C” motifs and silhouette, it also incorporates an authentic feel in the minimalist clarity. express its stance as


The shape of the overlapping U and C means "to be involved in any era", and I was conscious of the universality that is not influenced by trends and the design that leaves an impression on the premise of minimal composition.
It expresses the impact that the relationship between the Universe Club platform and the customers who use it has on society.

The strong identity of the logo is concentrated on the mark side.We have designed a character shape that is more readable than before and can express a unified world view together with the corporate font.

Along with the release of the redesigned logo design, the brand guidelines have also been updated so that everyone can understand, empathize with, and spread the worldview that Universe Club is aiming for.
In the future, we plan to change visuals related to Universe Club, such as various products, websites and advertisements, based on these new guidelines.

Universe Club is an engagement business that supports the establishment of members and their encounters after joining, while providing awareness formation for users who are potentially seeking encounters and creating people-to-people encounters centered on empathy. We are promoting.
Through this renewal of our brand identity, we will accelerate the realization of a world in which Universe Club is an infrastructure for all who seek encounters.