Can I find a sugar daddy at Universe Club?

Is it possible to find a sugar daddy at Universe Club?

パパ活をユニバース倶楽部で行いたいあなたへ! ユニバース倶楽部について知っておくべきポイントを徹底解説します。安全性、メリット・デメリット、登録の流れ、パパ活のマナーやリスク管理まで、パパ活で成功するための情報を網羅しています。

Customers who are considering joining a dating club often ask, "Can I find a sugar daddy at Universe Club?"
This time, we have created an article that will help you solve these problems.

To start with the conclusion,You can find a sugar daddy at Universe Club.
Sugar dating is when a woman goes on dates with a financially well-off man,"Allowance"It refers to handing over money in the name of

Please see the following page for more details on allowances.Those who don't know how much allowance to givePlease read it.
[First Half of 2024 Dad Activity Report] The latest allowance information is also revealed!

Characteristics of sugar daddy
We go on dates, have meals, and engage in adult relationships.
Besides money, the allowance isReceiving gifts and branded itemsYou may.

The purpose of sugar dating
Women's side: financial support,Become financially comfortableIt is that.
On the men's side, in interactions with women,Relieve everyday fatigue and improve your happinessIt is that.

How to find a sugar daddy at Universe Club?

"How do male and female members engage in sugar dating?"We will provide you with information based on the vast amount of data from Universe Club, the largest dating club in Japan.

What kind of service is the Universe Club?

universe club

Universe Club is a social club based in major cities across the country.
The monthly number of female members joining is 800, and the number of male members is 100.It is currently the largest dating club in Japan, providing mistress matching services within a safe membership-based framework.
In addition, we provide a mistress matching service within the framework of a secure membership system,A completely legal dating club.
Therefore, it is recommended for safe sugar dating.

In addition, [JP ONLY] Dating Club AssociationWe are a member of the and have been certified as a superior dating club.

Daddy dating images

Conditions for finding a sugar daddy at Universe Club

When joining the Universe Club, you will be interviewed in person.
At the interviewWe will be reviewing your application to see if there are any problems with joining.

The reason for conducting face-to-face interviews isThose who are willing to take their time to meet the opposite sexThis is to determine whether or not this is the case.
The men and women who come to interviews are willing to take the time to meet someone of the opposite sex.
On the other hand, many people don't join dating clubs because they find it troublesome to go to an interview.They tend to treat men and women roughly.
The reason for conducting interviews is to eliminate these types of men and women.
That's why we are able to provide a great matchmaking service for men and women.

The contents of the review are as follows:

1. People aged 20 or older who are in good physical and mental health
2. No criminal record
3. You can show your ID.
4. Financially and emotionally comfortable
5. You're looking to meet a long-term partner

[Bar graph of monthly rejection rate for men]
Male Rejection Rate Bar Graph

* As of 2024 year

Not all men can join.
As can be seen from the bar graph above,Around 3% per monthmen are unable to join.

Reasons for rejectionMany people are turned off by the screening criteria, such as having a criminal record in the past.


1. High school graduates, 18 years of age or older
2. People who are extremely fat or not thin
3. People who are physically and mentally healthy
4. Someone who is not extremely selfish
5. People who can follow the Universe Club rules
6. Those who have not cancelled (or changed the date of) their registration reservation five times in the past

[Bar graph of monthly rejection rate for women]
Female Rejection Rate Bar Graph
* As of 2024 year

For women, the membership screening is stricter than for men, as the screening criteria include appearance and age.
Looking at the graph above,In recent months, it has been around 5%Women are not able to join.

Reasons for rejectionThe main reasons for this are age and appearance, and the high number of lateness and cancellations.

How to find a sugar daddy at Universe Club

We will explain the process from joining to meeting someone of the opposite sex and having sugar daddy sex.

Daddy dating image 2【male】

Once you join, you will be able to log in to the member site.
There you can find the woman of your dreams from thousands of people.
There is a filter function, so you can filter by items such as women's age, breast size, height, etc.A woman of my choiceYou can find it quickly.

Once you find a woman you like, you can apply for a meeting.
Please send your desired date, time and location to Universe Club, who will then contact you.

If you can get the approval of the woman,Men can enjoy a date at the date and place of their choice.

The details of the date will be decided between the members.Free lovePlease discuss this with your partner and enjoy a wonderful date.


When you join, you will receive offers from men.Take photos and videosTo do.
The quality of your photos and videos will affect the number of offers you receive, so this is a very important factor.

On the women's page,Features that can appeal to menThere are various options, and you can use them to get offers.

Offers from men will come from Universe Club.
At that time,Date, location and brief profile of the manI will send you.
We will look at that information and decide if we can meet you.

On the day of the date, the man will call you from the meeting place and we will meet.

The details of the date will be decided between the members.Free lovePlease discuss this with your partner and enjoy a wonderful date.

The pros and cons of finding a sugar daddy at Universe Club

merit and demerit

Of course, the Universe Club has its pros and cons.
trulyMake sure this is the right way to find a sugar daddy for you.

Benefits of finding a sugar daddy at Universe Club

1. For both men and women who passed the interview,High quality membersIn addition, the women's photos and videos have not been edited in any way,Photo fraud not applicable.
2. Because we have branches all over the country,You can meet people of the opposite sex from all over the country.
3. Because Universe Club is acting as an intermediary,Top class safetyThis will ensure that your personal information will not be leaked.
4. There is no unnecessary back and forth before making a plan.You can meet smoothly.

Disadvantages of finding a sugar daddy at Universe Club

1. The hurdle to joining is high because of the interview process.The number of members is smaller than the app.
2. We are particular about the quality of our men and women.It's more expensive than the app

How to find a sugar daddy outside of Universe Club

There are other ways to find a sugar daddy besides Universe Club.

1. Sugar Daddy Apps
Recommended for those who want to match with the opposite sex easily and cheaply.

2. Dating Cafe
Recommended for those who find it troublesome to go through the process of communicating before a date.

How to use other sugar daddy sites and apps

Some of the men currently enrolled in Universe Club also use it in conjunction with sugar daddy apps.
Since sugar daddy apps can be used in a short amount of time, I heard that people at Universe Club use the time they have while they wait after making an offer, or during their breaks, to talk to women or go find women.

In the case of women, I heard that joining a sugar daddy app increases the number of men available, so they simply register on the app and wait for contact from men.

Sugar Daddy Dating Etiquette and Risk Management Tips

Risk management

Remember that as long as you follow the proper etiquette when it comes to sugar dating, both parties will be able to have a pleasant experience.

Sugar Daddy Etiquette

1. Let's keep each other's secrets.
2. Avoid sharing personal information unless you have a strong relationship of trust.
3. Treat others with consideration and express your gratitude.
4. Don't be late or cancel at the last minute.
5. Do not take unauthorized photographs or post them on social media.

There are three important points to keep in mind when managing links:

1. Don't give out your personal information to others.
Don't tell your date your address, nearest train station, or workplace, as there is a risk that they may turn into a stalker.
Also, there is a possibility that the information may be spread unknowingly on social media, so unless you have had at least five dates and built a trusting relationship, you should avoid telling them.

In the past, I have given away personal information.He came to visit the company.We have heard about such damage.

2. Do not take photos of the two of you.
It could lead to trouble if the photos are spread on social media as a sign of resentment from the person you went on a date with, or if your girlfriend, wife, or husband sees the images.

in the past, I was found out to be dating a sugar daddy through a picture on my cell phone.We have male members.
We understand that you want to keep photos of the two of you, but to avoid any problems, we recommend that you refrain from taking photos.

3. Don’t go into someone’s house
Since you don't know what's in someone's house, we recommend that you don't just go in without thinking. Even if you have a trusting relationship, you could get into trouble.

In the past, I went to my partner's houseI was caught on video having an adult relationshipThere have been cases where people have been to homes where this has happened, so even if you have a trusting relationship with the person, you should not enter their home without reason.