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About [Infiltrate! Behind the Scenes Society Tour]
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Being interviewed as a representative company of sugar daddy

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About [Infiltrate! Behind the Scenes Society Tour]

"Infiltration! Behind the Scenes Society Tour"IsThis program delves into topics that we hear about but rarely have the chance to touch on, such as the Yakuza, the sex industry, and sugar daddy dating, and shares the people and unique rules that exist there..
The show is hosted by Akihiro Nishino and Minami Minegishi, and consists of five episodes, packed with content that cannot be broadcast on terrestrial television.

This time, the Universe Club will feature Watanabe Entertainment'sFemale comedian A Masso Kanocame to interview me.
During the interview, we had a discussion with CEO Kida and spoke to actual female members to gain a deeper understanding of sugar dating.

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We were interviewed as a representative company of sugar daddyput

The most common reason why women are looking for sugar daddies is"Financial worries".
Supply and demand is maintained in the form of women relying on men to make up for the things they cannot do for themselves, such as having little disposable income on their current salaries, or if they are students they need to find money to pay their tuition fees.
But,Sugar Daddy dating is not a job, unlike prostitution or night work..
That's why I feel that human relationships are so important.
As the show said, it's fun to date someone not just as an adult but as a person, so sugar dating is a good option for people who feel lonely in their daily lives.A place where you can find good peopleI thought maybe it was.

While there is much discussion going on in society about sugar dating, this time we were interviewed from the perspective of the underground world.
However, for those of us who have even a little bit of involvement in sugar dating, I think it has become a part of our daily lives, without any hidden meaning.
Many commentators on social media and in the news seem to be speaking only from speculation, and many people have a negative impression of sugar dating, so we hope that this broadcast will help increase the number of people who are at least a little more understanding of the activity.