[YouTube Interview] THE SALON was introduced by a famous YouTuber who is a dad.


THE SALON was introduced on the YouTube channel "Papa Activity Information Bureau" which disseminates information about dad activities.

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Dad-katsu, married matching apps, aizoku-ya, dating cafes, etc.
We are disseminating information about encounters between men and women [Dad life information bureau] THE SALON was introduced.

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Behind-the-scenes stories of dad life that can only be heard here

This time, we asked THE SALON to be interviewed by Dadakatsu Information Bureau, which provides information on underground encounters between men and women, such as daddykatsu apps, dating clubs, and married matching apps.
・THE SALON service content
・How to spot registered women
・Actual surprising episodes
This content can be enjoyed even by those who have not actually joined. The content is very deep and contains many things that even I was surprised by.

The reality of THE SALON as heard by the Dad Activity Information Bureau

THE SALON, the toughest place to join in Japan

THE SALON is said to be a dating club with the strictest entrance examination in Japan. In particular, there are minimum requirements for women, and unemployed people are not allowed to register. We are very careful when interviewing women in order to find out who is suitable for THE SALON.
What do interview staff look at in women?
What do you look at when deciding whether to hire or not?
We asked the current staff directly. There was excitement about how to bring out women's true feelings within the limited time of one hour, and what kind of perspective they employ.

So, what kind of members are actually registered?

Strict THE SALON membership conditions

The male applicant has an annual income of 4,000 million yen or more. I imagine he has a private jet and a horse owner.
For women, the minimum requirements areGood looks. High-status men and women such as models and celebrities are registered. Because we gather high-spec men and women who have passed strict standards, we put a lot of effort into the settings.

The charm of THE SALON as told by the beautiful and talented staff

Setting is the key

Of course, the staff are also baptized. THE SALON does not have a members page, so all face-to-face meetings are handled by staff.Setting.Therefore, hearing is our life.

・Preferred understanding level of male members
・Ability to see through female members' lies
・Follow-up before and after setting
The skill of the staff is required down to the smallest detail.

A true setting specialist

And this time, we interview the current staff of THE SALON! He passionately talked about the number of settings he has set up so far, stories about the men's big moves, and the surprising reality.

A Final Word

Dad life is an information war

Each social club has its strengths. In order to avoid making mistakes when choosing a dating club, I think finding a club that suits you is the quickest way to meet a good match in your father's life. That's why it's important to gather information before joining.Dad life information bureauWe also provide information on things other than the Universe Group, so please take a look at our other videos as well.

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