Support love and career!We will release the full picture of new employee training that brings innovation to the date matching industry!


●21 new employees join the company!Three essential points for hiring!
● New graduate training at the dating club! ?The Secret Teaching Method That Creates First-Class Matchmakers
●I asked a new employee!The first impression of a company that runs a dating club!
What is the positioning of the matching industry that the Universe Group is aiming for?

 On April 2023, 4, 3 new employees joined the Universe Group.Until last year, due to the impact of the new coronavirus, full remote recruitment activities and training were conducted, but on March 21, 2023, measures to prevent the spread of infection will be eased, and face-to-face training and welcome of new graduates will be possible. OJT curriculum for new employees is being implemented at each branch nationwide.We will deliver some of the training contents and situations to become first-class coordinators conducted by such a universe group.

 ●21 new employees join the company!Three essential points for hiring!
Last year, we welcomed 14 new employees, and this year we have hired 7 new graduates, an increase of 21, at our nationwide branches.We have hired 11 coordinators, 5 engineers, 3 marketing, 2 management, 11 women and 10 men.
Until now, we have been recruiting mainly for the coordinator department, but this year we have also made efforts to recruit engineers, marketing, and the back office of the management department for the first time. .I would like to introduce three points that we are focusing on when hiring new graduates.


Don't forget that this is (also) the chosen side
After graduating from university, I became my first employer and said, "I will receive a valuable first step as a new member of society. It is important to keep in mind that the company and the applicant are equal, and to have a dialogue.
Empathy for culture fit and vision rather than skills and career (educational background)
We have our own culture and rules because the services we handle are sensitive and delicate. We believe that it is important to be aware that we are a team that "provides honest, transparent and dedicated services to our customers" without making a mistake in the company's course and rowing together.
It is not about whether you are excellent or not, but whether you have an image of whether you can shine and enjoy working after joining the company.
Even excellent human resources will become a waste of treasure if they cannot demonstrate their abilities. “It feels good to be served by the staff who are working with sparkling eyes and shining straight. ] Can we give back to our customers instead of hiring the people we want?We are trying to hire with consideration.

Generations change with the passage of time, and various cultures and values ​​are born.The power of the new generation is indispensable to provide services that meet the needs of the times.I would like to determine the essence of incorporating innovation into the company and having human resources brought by new members of society.

● New graduate training at the dating club! ?The Secret Teaching Method That Creates First-Class Matchmakers
We believe that the key to date matching performed by dating clubs is matchmaking, in which the coordinator acts as a matchmaker and introduces the other party to the member after multiplying the personality, compatibility, personality, and feeling.Mismatching can be minimized by adding "human power", which is a weak point for apps that automatically match automatically.However, in order to maximize the key "human power" as quickly as possible, we believe that it is necessary to have a learning environment that considers experience, a precisely organized curriculum, and ease of learning.
This time, we will introduce some of the training content that such a date matching professional devised.

Document XNUMX Training schedule immediately after joining the company
For about a month, each department will explain the department and the work they do to new employees, and then learn about the coordinator's work, which is the basis of the dating club.


Material XNUMX. Training incorporating ChatGPT
We mainly monetize dating clubs (date club business), but as an IT venture company, we anticipate trends and provide new employees with training that incorporates ChatGPT, which is called the next-generation search tool. increase.
For new employees who have little experience working in society, it is possible to use examples of e-mails that use business etiquette that they have not learned, and to use words that are well understood by members. We aim to create employees who are sensitive to the latest tools and have groundbreaking ideas by conducting training that is close to practice, such as coming up with ideas when hiring.

Material XNUMX: How to learn SQL/programming
In this training aimed at raising the level of staff by doing multiplication work, staff who are good at SQL / programming are training new employees.
As IT evolves, even if there is an enormous amount of data and information, if it cannot be handled well, it will become a waste of treasure.If all employees acquire SQL knowledge and programming skills, they will be able to perform accurate data analysis, determine the optimal promotions and campaigns on site, and conduct high-level marketing on a branch-by-branch basis.

Document ④ Camera shooting training Posing and video shooting
I am researching poses and locations to maximize the attractiveness of women.
All shots are taken with a single-lens reflex camera, focusing on the most powerful parts of the subject, such as the waist, chest, and legs.We conduct training so that all coordinators can bring out the quality that cannot be achieved with apps or dating sites.

Photographs alone cannot convey 100% of the charm of the subject, and it is difficult to convey the realism.At Universe Club, we take great care in conveying the real world online by filming videos.
Before gaining experience in the field, we provide training to acquire basic photography knowledge.

 Document ⑤ Site visit
Our educators provide education from the standpoint of being taught, and we strive to develop human resources who can be trusted by our customers while understanding them.In addition, we aim to provide an unforgettable moving experience by outputting the experience we have accumulated in our work and the encouragement we received from our members.

What is the positioning of the matching industry that the Universe Group is aiming for?
The use of date matching services is not limited to the use of the F1 layer M1 layer, but in recent years the use of the F2M2 layer is also increasing.
Maybe it's because of the unstable economic situation, or maybe vague anxiety creates the option of "getting together with someone".
In proportion to the increase in the number of users, the know-how of matching technology is accumulated, and the automation of matching and the recommendation function based on learning are evolving day by day.In addition, the enhanced know-how is traded by OEM and released to the world at a speed that cannot be compared with the past.

Although the matching industry is highly competitive, we believe that it is necessary to position ourselves in a way that is competitive with other companies, and that we need to have "strengths" that are competitive with other companies.
Our greatest strength is "matching that makes the most of human power", and we combine old culture where people enter and the latest IT technology such as dating consultation, admission interview, photography, advice on usage, etc. "IT x human power "is.

In order to survive in the highly competitive matching industry, it is necessary to throw away the old culture and rules, innovate and flexibly change according to the needs of the times.
Going back in history, the culture of Papa-katsu has existed for a long time, and even though the form has changed, it can be expected that the fundamental part will not change and the culture will never end.That is why it is necessary to incorporate a new culture in order not to become an old culture, and it is important to develop services that match the values ​​and needs of users.

The Universe Group aims to establish itself as a leading company in the matching industry by constantly incorporating new ideas, repeatedly improving services in anticipation of changes in customer needs, and providing new value.