• Have you met someone you can talk to about anything?Even if I overlap my body with people I've met so far, I can't overlap my heart, and I'm just superficial...


Question date: 2021/01/19 22:31

Have you met someone you can talk to about anything?Even if I overlap my body with people I've met so far, I can't overlap my heart, and I'm only exchanging superficially.Is it like that?The loneliness is increasing at the club that I entered to fill the loneliness.

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This is Taro, a male member.

I think that dating clubs tend to be superficial relationships.From a man's point of view, how much effort do you normally have to put in to have sex with a girl you like?It's a membership site where you can choose as much as you want, you can date as soon as you make an offer, you can follow the cleanliness, rules and manners without losing points, and if you can afford it, you can have sex.It's too easy to understand.Of course, it's not a normal relationship, so there's room for a deeper bond, or a heart connection.But on the other hand, if you think only about the flow of H and exchanging allowances, even a superficial relationship will be established.I think there is a kind of equilibrium point where it might be better to keep a long distance and stabilize rather than stepping in poorly and clashing emotionally.

In order to achieve the situation the questioner wants, we have to break this equilibrium.It's just my imagination, but he's a clumsy person who can't build a deep relationship in real life, so even if he's in a relationship, I think he's a little reserved and keeps his distance.If so, we are at an equilibrium point.

All you have to do is struggle to avoid falling into equilibrium.I don't behave well.Convey your desires and feelings.But my own selfishness doesn't resonate, so if I had to say it, it would be "once-in-a-lifetime chance."I want to properly face the person I met and had a physical relationship with in this kind of relationship.That's why I'm interested in you, and my feelings are swayed by your words and actions.Even I feel uncomfortable writing this, but I hope you muster up the courage to take a step forward with this level of self-suggestion and make waves.

Also, set small goals for each meeting. You can say, "I'll definitely hold your hand today," or whatever.But with small goals.That's why being happy and sad leads to motivation.

Good luck with

  • Answer date: 2021/01/20 01:08
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This is Kazu, a male member.

I don't know how far "anything" refers to anything, but I think I have a relationship that is more than superficial with her who sees me at least once a week.

The reason why I was able to have such a relationship with her, even though I was very cautious, is because she trusted me and disclosed various information while we were dating.

If you talk about anything, there will be someone who will respond to that trust and talk about anything.I think that it is necessary to have the courage to identify the other person through dating and jump in if it seems to be reliable.

If the questioner is a man, the more offers you have, the more likely you are to meet a woman who is compatible with you.I think it's wonderful to have a dating club where you can meet people who are compatible just by paying a lot of setting fees.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/19 23:22
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You don't want to be a male friend, you want a younger, pretty and cute girl you can talk to about anything, right?It is easy to understand when written, but it is quite difficult.

I totally understand how you feel.
However, I have noticed something while experiencing various things.
I lie to a woman who has a physical relationship as an extension of my care.In other words, I can't talk about anything.

So it's not possible for my personality here.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/20 08:08
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Maezawa (Staff)

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Maezawa from the president's office will also answer.

thanks for your questions.

Did the questioner talk about himself first?
If you approached someone thinking that you were someone you could talk to about anything
You don't know if the other person is superficial or not, do you?

Or was the other person acting so poorly that there was an outright lie that was immediately apparent?

If Aie's acting is good and there's no clear evidence that it's just superficial
I think it's okay to think that it's not superficial.

If the other party can lie to the end, it is the truth from our point of view.
If you doubt something because you don't know if it's true or not, you'll remain suspicious even if the other person is telling the truth.

I think that the reason why it was only superficial until now is because of the person who asked the question.
If you believe the other person unless there is a clear contradiction
I hope you get closer to the relationship you want.

However, in the first place, if you can't find a partner with feelings
You may need to offer more and more women.

Of course I need money
Among them, there are many women who want to date as a person, not just money.
And I think you can usually tell that kind of person on a first date.

If you think your first date is a little different
I think you should go to the next woman.

Or how about asking the staff to tell you about a woman with a good personality?
And I think it's good to make an offer without looking at the face or profile.
(I think you'll see it even if I say so)

Abandon other parts of the obsession, first meet a woman with a good personality
I think that's good.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/20 11:45
Male member

It's My

it's my

I think it depends on how you perceive yourself.

I think that when you think or say, "I'm having a superficial exchange," it's the right time to turn away from a superficial relationship.

Maybe your partner doesn't think it's "only superficial", and even if that's the case, maybe he's trying his best not to be seen as "superficial".

If you can switch your feelings well, loneliness will disappear and happiness may increase.

Ah, you haven't answered my question yet.

I met someone with whom I could talk about anything.My partner also talks a lot.First of all, what if you want to talk a lot from yourself?If you talk a lot, the mental hurdles will gradually go down, and I think you'll come to understand each other's no-talk zones.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/19 23:13
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column article

When you get home, eh?already?What surprised me was the paper plane, a male member who was impressed with the self-confidence of his son, who had already piled up the standardized test problem books and disposed of them.

Let's overlap the body only with the person who wants to overlap the heart.

I'm not your son, but you must not hesitate in order to make your wishes come true.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/19 23:53
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date ◎ dream

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This is Yume, the date of the male member.

I'm the type of person who wants to have an in-depth relationship, so it's a relationship where we're both completely naked (laughs).
However, the dating partner is limited to one person, and it is a relationship while always confirming the image of parting.

I think that there are various encounters in various places, but I think that depending on how you interact with them after meeting them, you will be deeply involved or not interfere.

Even if it's a meeting in the entertainment club, it's a meeting in the same environment, so don't take it too backwards. I think it would be good to deepen the relationship by talking and looking at the other party to confirm compatibility.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/20 09:03
Male member


This is Basil, a male member.

I'm wary of revealing my identity, so when I started dating, I hesitated to talk about anything.
Of course, it would be great to be able to talk about anything and build a heart-to-heart relationship, but I rarely have a child who wants to have that kind of relationship.
Children who have just entered this world can have relatively high expectations, but they tend to become disillusioned after meeting them a few times.
After all, I realize that money and body are my goals, and I am enjoying those moments.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/20 09:32
Female member

It's My

This is the female member Kokoa.
Is the person asking the question male?Are you a woman?
When communicating with people, I often feel uneasy because I don't know what the other person is thinking.
And both of them think that the relationship is over because they miss the falling ball without picking it up.
If you are a woman and have a purpose other than money, I recommend that you talk to your partner about your honest feelings without hesitation.
I think that the fact that women are worried about things other than money will be a big trigger for promoting relationships with their partners.
From a man's point of view, I think there are some people who think that it's not good to get too deep into it.
Surprisingly, it may be refreshing to tell your honest worries along with the process.
If you are a male member, you also need to find out what women really think, so I think you need to increase the amount of offers or find out what kind of relationship you want to have with women other than money.
I was able to find a place to heal my heart at Universe-san by speaking honestly about my feelings.
I hope you have a good meeting, whether you are a man or a woman.

  • Answer date: 2021/01/21 16:30