• It's a renewal fee.At the very least, I would like to have the renewal fee exemption as a benefit even if it is only for the black class.When you enter the top class...


Question date: 2018/06/17 11:43

It's a renewal fee.At the very least, I would like to have the renewal fee exemption as a benefit even if it is only for the black class.If you enter the highest class, you will be in a club that will extend indefinitely, but you will still have more opportunities to make offers.If Black enters the universe and doesn't have a Black woman to offer in a year (which I think is very likely in the universe), she will be throwing away a significant amount of money. What about the idea of ​​``extending for one year only if you offer a black woman at least once in the most recent year''?

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Kida (President)

Kida will answer!

As you pointed out, the black class renewal fee is high. .
1 yen in one year
I think that it is also ant to change conditionally

I was a little worried, so I checked the renewal fee of other companies

Uncle Long Legs
Platinum class renewal fee 8 yen
→ Equivalent to Universe Platinum Class
→There used to be a 16 yen class.

Ginza Crystal Club
VIP member renewal fee 6 yen
→Slightly cheaper than Universe Platinum Class
Special VIP members do not know the amount

Aoyama Platinum Club
→20 yen

→3 yen

Mr. Anju
→5 yen

Mr. Versailles
→ No renewal fee for the highest rank

Mr. Consolatur
→10 yen

Tokyo dating club
→10 yen

Roppongi routine club
→ The highest rank is free forever

* Above, according to the website of the Association of Dating Clubs

Each club has its own way of thinking about the price list system, so I can't say whether it's good or bad or cheap or expensive,

Well, the fee structure of Universe is probably just a copy of Ginza Crystal's or Aoyama Platinum Club's system (I haven't decided (laughs)), so there may not be a big reason.

By the way, Paters, a papa-katsu site, pays 1 yen a month, and Sugar Daddy pays 5000 yen a month.
It's almost the same as the platinum class renewal fee in the dating club industry.I am knowing it for the first time.

So, with the condition I told you at the beginning,

・Admission fee 50 yen Renewal fee is free (but there is an examination every year)
・Enrollment fee is free Monthly usage fee is 3 yen
・Admission fee remains unchanged at 30 yen.Renewal fee for male members with top XNUMX% evaluation from female members who dated is free
・Lower renewal fee depending on frequency of use

I would like to think about something like

However, it is against my philosophy to say that it is free, and I think that it may lower the quality of the members and the club.

why do you want a birkin
why do you want a maybach

It goes without saying that it is of high quality, but I think there is also a certain amount of nobility that does not sell at a bargain price.

If I say a little more about the real intention,
"There are very few women in the universe worthy of the black class, so please lower the renewal fee like another club. It's a big loss if you don't have a woman you like."
I regretted that the fact that members with low awareness who have such opinions are still enrolled in the black class of the Universe Club means that the Universe Club is not yet a high-level club.

I think that there are many women who see this question and think, "I should stop joining this club."
excuse me.we are still

  • Answer date: 2018/06/17 12:44

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