• I only want to eat and shop, but how much can I earn?

    I would like to refuse to touch my body, such as holding hands.


Question date: 2018/11/06 01:37

I only want to eat and shop, but how much can I earn?

I would like to refuse to touch my body, such as holding hands.

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column writer


This is Leaf, a column writer.

As an Arafo girl, I hate this project.

It's so sweet of you to say that it makes me laugh.

The expression of earning is also vulgar.

How much are you worth as a woman?

If the man who helps you doesn't have a little "love" from you, I don't want to spend a single yen on you, and I think it will end soon.
If you don't want to touch it, make a boyfriend outside the dating club and let him contribute.
I think dating clubs are completely unsuitable for people who don't want to be touched.

If you don't feel like growing both physically and mentally, I don't think you can meet a good person at a dating club.


  • Answer date: 2018/11/07 18:50
column writer

It's Mr. Saito♪

column article

This is Mr. Saito, a column writer.

Question date: 2018/11/06 01:40
↑ Are you with the person who posted this?

how much you can earn,
It is customary for men to give 0.5 to 1 yen after eating.
The price is for a woman to prepare, travel round trip, and have a meal.
It is basically passed as a transportation fee.
(Since the questioner wants to earn a lot, I feel that there is not much merit.)
It is possible if you are attractive enough to buy something.

There are many people in the world who say that they will buy 〇〇 so that they can date them and that they will give them 100 million yen.
Only a handful have actually done so.
Even from the point of view of a man of the same sex, amateurs can play enough without spending 100 million yen,
It is the amount that you can meet with the entertainer.

However, since it is only free love,
There are men who will pay as much as they want if they are attracted to food alone.

I have a regular lady who sometimes pays £15 just for meals.
However, I met more than 300 people and I am one person.

  • Answer date: 2018/11/06 06:02
column writer

Joe Rubicon

column article

This is Joe, a column writer.
I will also answer while presumptuous.
I think there are a certain number of male members who are dating only for meals.This is the story of a woman I offered in the past.

・We meet once a week only for meals, and we get 10 yen each time we meet.
・ Every time we meet, we will buy about 10 yen in addition to the allowance
・Dating period is XNUMX years
Even if you do a rough calculation, you have received more than 2000 million financial aid.What's interesting about him as a man is that he said, "I've got a new grandchild, so I'll love him like any other grandchild."When he heard this story, he learned, "There is also this kind of relationship."I hope it will be of some help.By the way, the relationship ended because he passed away.

  • Answer date: 2018/11/07 16:49

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