• I am a former female member.
    I'm dating a man I met at Universe Club on a monthly contract (^^)
    A gift for a man...


Question date: 2018/11/05 23:43

I am a former female member.
I'm dating a man I met at Universe Club on a monthly contract (^^)
It's a present for men, but what kind of things do you like?
I feel like I want to repay you because you are so kind to me.
Of course, I want to avoid things that my family might suspect, and even if I ask them what they want, they won't tell me.
Female members, do you give presents to men on Christmas?
If you have any gifts that you would be happy to receive or gifts that you would be happy to give, please let me know (^^)

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column writer


This is Leaf, a column writer.

Actually, I'm an Arafo girl who loves to give presents.

Custom-made leather goods are the gifts I have received so far.
It's a shop where you can make anything, and my staple gifts are coin cases and card holders casually with my name on them.
It's a solid product made in Italy, and I'm very pleased with it when it's made to order, so I also find it useful.
It gives a unique feeling to the world compared to brand-name products, and the sense of accomplishment here is also great if you stick to the colors that men like.
By the way, the price is about 1 yen to 3 yen.
Even if you check the price, it will not come out, so we recommend custom-made.


  • Answer date: 2018/11/07 19:01
column writer

It's Mr. Saito♪

column article

This is Mr. Saito, a column writer.

I am happy to see your wonderful post.

Probably, male members are those who have plenty of money,
I guess you can get whatever you want.
So basically, I don't think my family will be suspicious of anything I buy.
(I think you can make a good translation for anything)

Sometimes she brings me a small amount of homemade cookies on dates,
Eat and throw away when you move.
I like small gifts.
“You took time for yourself,” he said.
I think it would be even better if the rest was eaten by the female family.

Also, don't spend too much money
Is it a business card holder or cufflinks?
I think you can have as many business card holders as you want.

I didn't need a present for a meal.
I kept feeling that I would pay for it myself for 2 hours.smile

It depends on the other party, so you should observe him hard and decide
I think it's the best.

Christmas is finally next month.
Please do your best!

  • Answer date: 2018/11/06 06:10

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