• I am a 40 year old married woman.
    Register, do you have a need?


Question date: 2018/08/04 09:20

I am a 40 year old married woman.
Register, do you have a need?

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Kida (President)

Representative Kida will answer

The need is definitely there.
Someday I would like to start a dating club for women over 40.
It's not good, but mature women are among the most popular categories of adult videos.

In addition, it is a phenomenon that was unthinkable a decade ago, such as mature woman cabaret clubs.

I have been researching this phenomenon for a long time.
watch erotic videos every day

So there are needs.
There is, but as Nanase says, you need to have a "character that a man can envision."

“Um, is it possible that you are a woman?”

If you have ever been asked over your shoulder to say something like

My male users are men between 60 and 80 years old.
I'm fine now.
I have an erection, I go on dates,
But my wife who has been with me for a long time doesn't even have a partner at night
*This is statistical.Most postmenopausal women lose their libido.
But I'm fine and I don't want to end my life with gateball.

At that time, you're definitely a beautiful woman in her 20s!There is also a Don Juan called,
that's part of it.

Most men are attracted to women 20-30 years younger

So, what appeals to men aged 60 to 80 is
40-60 year old female

If the person who asks a question says, "Oh, you're beautiful" instead of flattering, there is always a need if you have room in your heart.

If you are in a desperate situation where the electricity and gas have already stopped and the water supply will stop tomorrow, please contact the city hall instead of the dating club.

There are no particular problems in life, there are no obstacles, and the family is harmonious,
But if you think so, it's perfect.

However, the issue of adultery remains.
If your spouse finds out, you will hurt someone you care about, and there is also the issue of divorce and alimony.
Unfortunately, there is no adultery insurance product in Japan today, so you need to take out life insurance yourself.

But well, one day you and I will both die.

make a decision you won't regret

  • Answer date: 2018/08/06 14:27
ス タ ッ フ


Nanase will answer.

Men have different tastes.
I'm in my 40s so I can't say I don't have a need.

However, there is no guarantee that you will always receive an offer.
This is true for everyone regardless of age, married or unmarried.

Of course, it's difficult to recommend a woman who doesn't make an effort or is unprepared, but I will listen carefully at the time of the interview and create a profile.
If you have any concerns, you can discuss them at the time of the interview, so please come to the interview first.

  • Answer date: 2018/08/04 10:54

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