• ↓ I am the person asking the question below.
    He is the so-called monthly man.
    I can't go because of my period, so why go...


Question date: 2024/06/10 03:44

↓ I am the person asking the question below.
He is the so-called monthly man.
When I asked her why she was going even though she couldn't go because of her period, she said it was to meet her and have dinner together.
Is that all you need? When I asked him that, he said that's the main thing! They said.
I told her I would use my hands, but she ignored me, told me she loved me, and ended the line.
This man is of course married with children. How do you feel?

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Isn't that what dating is all about?
This is not a custom.
It's a playful relationship.

I prefer to go on dates when I'm on my period, but of course I'll have to go on dates without an adult, and I'll pay about half the allowance as with an adult, so it's a great way to build a good relationship.

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 09:21
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Like you, I think that's how relationships work.
There are also dates without sex.

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 11:54
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Sometimes I meet just for a meal.
Let's go eat a lot of grilled meat not only when a woman is on her period, but also when celebrating a birthday or promotion to a higher grade! In that case, I'll give you an allowance just for the meal.
Isn't that what dating is all about?

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 13:38
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Even if the person asking the question is not an adult,
Since it's a business trip, you'll be staying overnight.
Isn't it tiring to stay overnight?

I understand how your dad feels.
Business trip with mistress
I'd like to go there.
It's a man's dream

I also had a business trip,
On a plane departing from Tokyo
An older man with a clearly younger woman
Probably a sugar daddy or a woman at a bar.
Some people bring

I'm jealous ^⁠_⁠^

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 20:38
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The sentence ``I love you'' is questionable, but I also only date people for meals.
The woman's feelings may change depending on the type of relationship.

My main type of relationship is type B, so I have quite a few relationships that only involve food.

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 10:47
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I understand that the person asking the question is asking because they think it's a hassle to have to spend time on a business trip to a distant place and only pay for meals, but am I wrong?

Why wouldn't you go on a business trip to someone you don't even like, just paying for food? I don't understand.

Exactly. I don't think it makes sense.

It may not be accurate, but it is a technique of ``advance consent'' that I often use.

Read deeply into the background and hidden intentions behind the woman's words, and preemptively agree with her weak points.

Personally, I think this is an important point.

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 21:28
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It would be great if women could also (if they are able to receive an allowance) be in a relationship where they would like to have meals with someone and receive an allowance!

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 19:20