• I was asked to come to the business trip.
    When I told him I was on my period, he said that the purpose of our meeting was to have dinner and talk...


Question date: 2024/06/10 01:31

I was asked to come to the business trip.
When I told her that I was on my period during that period, she said that the purpose was to meet up and just want to eat and talk. Is that possible even in a play relationship?

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That means you've fallen in love with the other person. I think that's a pretty important point.

If you want to have a casual casual relationship, you can refuse with some excuse. Just don't go. If you go, it will send the message that "I like you too" to some extent. And I think the man will definitely want to go beyond that.

You might be able to get better terms by lying about this and deceiving the other party, but I don't want you to fall into that trap. It's the world of girls who get water, ◯◯. I think we will live in a world where some incident will eventually occur and laws will be put in place to make it illegal.

Regarding the question ``Is that possible?'' I don't think the person asking the question thinks so, but there are girls like that. She is a serious girl who is not found in the sex industry or in the entertainment industry. She is the "hit" girl for the male members of the dating club.

I don't think you're the "winner," so you should just say, "Sorry, if that's what you're looking for, you're wrong." Well, if you're okay with that, you can continue, and that may be the true nature of the "once a month relationships" that make up the majority of dating clubs.


  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 02:12
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column article

Some men and women consider dating to mean meeting (progressing) with someone who they want to have meals with and talk with.

I think there are some men and women who accept that they won't meet during menstruation.

It depends on what the person asking the question cares about...

If you think meeting someone on your period is a waste of time, it seems a bit work-like to me... I'm sure there are both men and women who would consider that to be reasonable.

Personally, I think it's more natural and enjoyable to not know until you meet someone whether or not they'll become an adult or feel like that on that day (maybe it's because of their period).

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 02:47