• Please, please don't laugh.
    This is embarrassing to say, but I wear dentures.

    No one knows except my family...


Question date: 2024/06/09 23:27

Please, please don't laugh.
This is embarrassing to say, but I wear dentures.

No one outside of my family knows this, but when I start spending the night over, I have to take my dentures out just like I remove my makeup before going to bed (leaving them in my mouth for 24 hours). ) It hurts and I feel sick.

I always wear light makeup, and my face doesn't look much different with or without makeup, so I'm confident in my bare skin and don't mind people seeing my bare face, but I do feel embarrassed when people realize that I wear dentures.

My dentist told me that one implant costs over 40 yen, an amount that I could never afford with my salary or bonuses. I also heard from a colleague who had the procedure that, because it is a surgical procedure, there is a chance of failure depending on the dental clinic, and that because dental clinics these days cannot survive on insurance treatment alone, they sometimes recommend elective treatment such as implants.

The other day, a man I've been dating for about six months told me that after we go to a hotel, we often go out for dinner and see a movie, but next time, he wanted to stay overnight and relax, even if it was somewhere nearby.

I'd like to somehow avoid staying overnight, but how should I convey this?
Also, if someone finds out I have dentures, is there a high chance I'll be rejected?

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It's young people who laugh at dentures, and it's not funny to older people, haha. In terms of probability of occurrence, it may be more common than "Zura". Also, they are called dentures, not dentures.

It's best to avoid spending the night in the first place, but if you're agreeing to spend the night in order to deepen your relationship, I think you should try to hide it somehow. You take them off when you go to sleep, and then you try not to open your mouth anymore (lol).When you sleep over, there are a lot of problems such as wearing no makeup and talking while sleeping, so there's probably no need to get into the dentures issue.

By the way, dentistry is a technical profession, so it's mostly determined by three points: 1) access to high-performance equipment, 2) gaining experience by doing a lot of cases, and 3) having talented (young and talented) people who can absorb the experience. I think. Simply put, dentistry in town run by an old man is terrible, and dentistry run by young doctors is better. Furthermore, it seems better to go to a clinic with multiple dentists instead of just one individual. This creates surplus capacity for capital investment. Also, I think it's better to be located in a business district than in a residential area, where there are likely to be office workers with high annual incomes as potential patients, and where there are many financial and other companies with high annual incomes. When I went for a trial examination, the resolution of the X-rays was clearly different.

On top of that, I think it's a management policy to screen out whether they are making money or not. If they recommend options like whitening for 4 or 5 yen for cleaning to remove plaque, and if you refuse, they'll say "What, everyone does that? lol" and you're out. If you don't assume that "doctors are amazing" and look at it from a business perspective, I think it's pretty easy to understand.

It is natural that there is an information gap between patients and doctors, but I think it would be a good idea to turn this into a business. It may be said that it is social justice to destroy such doctors. I once said to the director, ``What you're doing is the same as a rip-off bar.'' So that surrounding dental assistants can hear it. Because she wanted them to notice her.

What were you talking about? ? lol


  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 01:26
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Yeah, it's okay
If that's how the relationship ends
Just smile and say, "You're such a little guy!"

There are so many reasons to refuse a sleepover, aren't there?
``I snore so much...I'm sorry if Daddy can't sleep.''

It's okay to come out with dentures a little later.

  • Answer date: 2024/06/09 23:47
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It may depend on the size of your dentures.

I don't think you'll be concerned if you're missing just a few teeth, but you might be surprised if you have complete dentures or something similar. I don't know.
Whether or not the relationship is refused depends on the father's feelings.

I would be lucky if I could get help with my treatment costs after coming out.

If you are having trouble finding a dental clinic, please refer to the website of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, which lists specialists.

  • Answer date: 2024/06/10 00:31
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column article

I guess it's safe to say it's impossible to stay overnight.

My parents won't let me
I had something to do that day that I couldn't miss.
I can't take 2 days off from work

Once OK, it becomes the default.
I will have to go there many times
Please be careful

  • Answer date: 2024/06/09 23:57