• The other day, I was scheduled to go on a second date (the first one was an offer from the club), but I was feeling unwell the day before the date, so I decided to reschedule...


Question date: 2024/05/14 13:49

The other day, I was scheduled to go on a second date (the first one was an offer from the club), but the day before the date I got a call asking me to reschedule because I wasn't feeling well.

Of course, it can't be helped if you are not feeling well, but in this case, will the man suggest another date?

Or, for all the battle-hardened male members, it doesn't matter if he's unwell or not, since it's his second time canceling the day before and they haven't established a relationship of mutual trust yet, they don't know whether it's true or not that he's not feeling well. Assuming that you are not interested in meeting the woman, do you give up on this woman without any questions and look for another woman unless she contacts you?

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Maybe he's really unwell
It might be different
I don't understand

I feel relaxed
I'm waiting for a call from a woman.

If the woman suggests the next date
It will continue, otherwise it will be over
I guess that means
I will not contact you myself.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/14 15:43
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If you receive a call the day before, you may not be able to finish it with that one call.
If it's 30 minutes before the meeting, I think it's insane for a working person to say goodbye.

After that, you might get canceled one after another, or you might be late the next time you meet after the cancellation.

I think it depends a lot on what your first impression was.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/14 14:57
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I'm always waiting to hear from a woman, but if she's not feeling well, I'll especially wait until she's recovered and calmed down before contacting me.

Also, since I'm not looking for a partner in order, I didn't have the idea of ​​giving up this time.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/14 15:08
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I think it's okay to be natural...

It's a bit forced to think...

Men may only get sick a few times in their lives, but women are more concerned about poor health and the makeup and impression it creates, so if it's your second time, you might want to meet them in even better condition. not.

I think men should just be aware of this and wait.

Depending on the atmosphere you create, whether or not you get contacted may change...

  • Answer date: 2024/05/14 15:10
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It's My

>In a situation where mutual trust is not established
Cancellation the day before = I don't know if it's true that I'm not feeling well.

Why do you think so?
I have already fallen ill several times.
If you have a track record, you can think so.

>I don't know whether it's true or not that I'm not feeling well, so
As someone who has no desire to meet the female side,

Even though we don't know each other very well
Why do you decide that?

“Cancelling the day before the first date?
It must be very difficult.”
Don't you think so?

First of all, women's poor physical condition
I'm worried, but first, okay?

shorten the distance at once
I think it's a chance

without caring about the other person
Those who only think about their own profit and loss
Even if I take the help of money at a dating club
You won't be able to have good relationships.

It's My

  • Answer date: 2024/05/15 08:37


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Even if it's a risk, if I want to meet you again,
It would be a good idea to invite them yourself.

whether you really want to meet
We recommend that you decide according to your honest feelings!

  • Answer date: 2024/05/15 17:00
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If someone suggests rescheduling on a second or later date, I would adjust the date to another date.

If a woman is dishonest and lies about not feeling well, I think she will cancel the date in the first place.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/15 18:47