• What do you think of 12 in 5 hour detention?
    What do you think if the allowance is the same for 1 night and 2 days?

    There was a man who had been with me for 4 years...


Question date: 2024/05/11 03:57

What do you think of 12 in 5 hour detention?
What do you think if the allowance is the same for 1 night and 2 days?

I had a relationship with a man for 4 years, but I ended the relationship.

No matter how nice a man is
I find myself starting to dislike myself if I spend a long time with it.

I understand that you want to spend a long time

If a man thinks about my life on a monthly basis, I can of course forgive him for long hours.

For those who only meet once a month and sometimes cannot meet each other
I feel like he's only thinking about himself
He's the type of guy who swings around.
It would be nice if the allowances could be changed sequentially, but even if it doesn't change, even if it's 5 times a day, I feel stingy when it's too long, and am I the only one who hates meeting with her?

It's a good story if we don't meet
Even if a man is detained for a long time, he is a great asset if there is no one else.
Even if I tell them in a roundabout way that I'm having money troubles, they don't listen and if I'm detained for a long time, I feel this way and end up cutting ties with them.

That's because I'm double-booked with other men who have an allowance of 3 to 5 who will invite me in a short period of time.

When I tell you that I'm having trouble with money
thinking too much about my life
There are a lot of people who meet with me a lot, so I end up hating my father for an extra long time.

I actually don't like this feeling myself.
Is it okay to think it's normal?

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Unfortunately, to use an old-fashioned term, that man is KY.
If you are feeling stressed due to being restrained for a long time, I think there is no problem with fading out.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/11 09:07
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It's My

Restriction time and conditions are values.
How it feels varies from person to person.
Because there is no right or wrong answer
Worrying is a waste of time.

The essence of the problem is
With someone whose values ​​don't match
That we continued to meet

The gap in values ​​cannot be bridged
I'm the type of person who thinks that,
I think parting was the right choice.

It's My

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With my daddy who restrains me for 12 hours
You persevered well for four years.

However, when I stayed there, I paid the same amount...
Because the other person wants to travel
I went on a hot spring trip

The long hours were tough on my dad's side too.
I don't have to stay overnight anymore lol

  • Answer date: 2024/05/12 11:48
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it is normal.

If you're a fun person, 12 hours is fine, but if you're boring, ask for 2 hours per hour. We ended up meeting at the hotel right away.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/11 08:13
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What do you think of 12 in 5 hour detention?
What do you think if the allowance is the same for 1 night and 2 days?

The answer is that it depends on the person you are talking to.
If you're really having fun with someone, that's fine.
On the other hand, if you really hate someone, you probably don't like them even for a short time.

For some people, money is number one in their priority list when it comes to being a dad, while for others, dating is number one.
I think that's fine.

As we grow older, we begin to prioritize profit and loss in our relationships with others.
The odds may be low, but it would be nice if you could meet someone who is fun and the price is reasonable.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/11 09:47
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I don't think it's normal.

Both the person asking the question and the male partner.
Sometimes we meet with a lack of communication and empathy...

When I first read it, up to the 4th line it says 4th year, so I thought to myself, ``Maybe it's about me?'' But we still have a relationship, so I'm relieved that it's not true...

  • Answer date: 2024/05/11 12:49
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I think it depends on the opponent.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/11 13:01
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I don't think anything of it because it's someone else's problem.

  • Answer date: 2024/05/11 06:35