• I have a question about patolo.

    The other day, I received an official offer from Universe Club and I'm going on a date with a man...


Question date: 2024/02/16 19:27

I have a question about patolo.

There is a man who recently received an official offer from Universe Club and is going on a date with him.

It seems like that person uses patolo a lot.

I once read somewhere that you can't see a woman's profile after a while after an offer is made.
Are these also applied to Patolo?
Or are universe and patolo different?

I didn't use patolo much, but I received messages from other people on patolo, and I was worried that it would be okay to reply.

The person I'm currently meeting is an uncle who I'm seriously in love with, so I don't want to find out that he might be seeing someone else.

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I verified this on my male side. Women who have made offers at Universe Club will also be hidden from Patro.
I have a slightly different recollection of the lag when it disappears between Club and Patro, but it will disappear anyway.

  • Answer date: 2024/02/16 19:36
ス タ ッ フ

Yuya Unno

Blog post

This is unno from the staff.

In the case of Patro, after the date ends and both parties post feedback, their profiles will be hidden.
If either or both of you have not posted feedback, it will be automatically hidden 72 hours after the date and time of the session (date).

Please use this as a reference.

  • Answer date: 2024/02/19 18:33