• I recently joined.
    My type is B2, but should I decline the invitation on the same day?
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Question date: 2024/02/11 19:35

I recently joined.
My type is B2, but should I decline the invitation on the same day?
I'm not good at saying things from the day we met, rather than backlash. If I were to go, it would be easier emotionally to go the second time, but if I just told him this, would he be hurt? I wonder why it doesn't work the first time (angry) lol (I think it depends on the person)
Also, if I am invited for a date (first time), if it is B1, is it okay to consider it as 2 hours instead of 4 hours and adjust it according to my schedule?

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Whether it hurts or not depends on each person, and I think it also depends on how the person asking the question refuses at the time.

You could say, "I chose B2 because even if I thought the guy was nice, I wouldn't like him on the day."
It seems difficult to have a good relationship with an unreasonable person who gets hurt or angry because of this.

The time should be a guideline.
I also aim for 2 hours for just a meal, but I think it's better not to have other plans later, let alone that close.

  • Answer date: 2024/02/11 20:01
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Because it's not C
Don't worry about it, take it for granted
Check the conditions
I wish you could tell me what to do next time.

There are angry and disappointed dads.
depends on the person
So, I personally offer B.
I won't lol

Regarding time, if there is an offer
What time do you have plans, so is that okay?
There is a way to calculate and tell for 2 hours.

Make your first offer
I can understand if you say it like the above.
If you look at it from a long-term perspective
It's better to be patient with your time and leave it to the other person.
It looks good, but...

  • Answer date: 2024/02/11 20:38
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Even if you feel the same way, I'd like to sort out my feelings, so I'll ask you to try it a second time, so I don't think it will be a problem.
I think people like you who asked the question chose B2 for a reason, so I think it's best to avoid people who ignore the relationship type and get hurt or angry when negotiating.

In my case, on the contrary, I often had better results, so I mainly use type B.

  • Answer date: 2024/02/11 21:23
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It's hard to say no, so I just choose B2, but depending on the partner, there are women who can develop from the first time.

So I just have something to invite you to do.

If you can honestly tell them that it's okay the second time, they won't feel uncomfortable.

Now, regarding time adjustment, I don't recommend leaving only 2 hours.

If it's a multi-course restaurant, it may actually take two hours.

It's getting close to the time and I actually have another plan...If you say something like that, the man will be uninterested, even if you keep quiet.

I think it will go better if you give yourself some time to date.

  • Answer date: 2024/02/12 14:59
ス タ ッ フ

Tomokazu Akai (Staff)

Thank you for contacting us.
Akai, a member of the Universe Club staff, will also answer your questions.

If your type is B2, I don't think there is any problem in telling him that you have decided to have an adult relationship from the second time onwards.
It's a set rule, so it's best not to overdo it.

The first meal is approximately 2 hours long.
I don't know what will happen on the actual date, so
I think it's better to leave some time for later plans.

  • Answer date: 2024/02/14 18:17