• I started an app for the purpose of finding a father, but what kind of person are you looking for?What kind of response should you give when you receive a question like...


Question date: 2023/12/05 17:10

I started an app for the purpose of finding a father, but what kind of person are you looking for?What do you think should be the best way to respond when asked this question?

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I think it would be a good idea to send him the image of the male father you are looking for.
Oh dear,
Since this is the first shot,
"I'm looking for someone to get along with."
I think that's fine though.

I want us to get along.
Thanking you in advance.
When it comes to
I'm sure it's difficult because you're in a relationship with an allowance, but how much do you think about your budget?
I think if you send it to me, you will be able to see the outline gradually (lol)

  • Answer date: 2023/12/05 18:54
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Probably, but that app is not specifically for dad activities.perhaps.

Why do men ask, ``What kind of person are you looking for?'' on such an app.That's right.

No matter how hard I try to have a normal conversation and ask if there are other encounters outside of daddy life, the woman ends up asking me how much my allowance is.In the end, it comes down to whether it's dad-hunting or support delivery.

As I keep repeating this, exchanging messages becomes tiresome, and I start asking "What are you looking for?" from the beginning.

That's exactly what happened to me.

Therefore, the quickest way to respond is to present your desired allowance amount.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/06 00:56
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I think he's a stupid person to ask, but I think relationships should be made with people who are compatible with him, so I think it would be fine for the person asking the question to reply with what they want from a dad.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/05 19:30