• When I went on my first date the other day, I was told that there aren't many good people like 〇〇, and during the date, the woman asked me out again...


Question date: 2023/12/05 09:51

When I went on my first date the other day, I was told that there aren't many good people like 〇〇, and during the date, the woman kept asking me to ask her out again.
I thought the woman liked me, so we exchanged LINE and asked her out for a second date, but her LINE responses were very slow and she didn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it.
Is it common for women to change their behavior after a date?

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In any case, I feel like things rarely go well if Line replies are slow, so change your mind and move on.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/05 10:43
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In such cases, it is better not to look for reasons or think about anything at all.Let's go to the sauna.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/05 13:06
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I understand the feeling of gauging the other person's temperature based on how often they use LINE, but I think that's the old man's fault.

It's normal for young kids these days to reply to LINE messages with friends the next day, but they reply to Instagram DMs more frequently.
It's true that the temperature may have cooled down, but I think it's more accurate to think that the frequency of LINE responses is simply slower than expected, and instead of focusing on the frequency, you should look at the content. I think.

I think you'll have a better relationship if you try to stay positive instead of being suspicious!

  • Answer date: 2023/12/07 07:47
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I don't think people who only think that women's behavior has changed after a date are good people, but maybe they're the kind of women who pay lip service, or maybe they're women who don't like LINE. Maybe it's because the way I invited her was creepy, or maybe it's because I met someone better.

I think it's possible for a woman to change her mind.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/05 10:29
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In my experience, there have been times when we have exchanged contact several times and then lost contact.
If you ask me if it's common, I don't think it's that common.

Those who are slow to contact
Are you doing your best?
Do you think about your partner in a certain way?
Are you naturally slow?I think.

I think it will become clear in a little while what kind of person the other person is talking about, so I think it's best to wait and see. 

  • Answer date: 2023/12/05 13:58

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