• I have a father who is married in his 60s.
    He is a very wealthy person involved in real estate.
    I'm a bit possessive.

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Question date: 2023/11/19 00:22

I have a father who is married in his 60s.
He is a very wealthy person involved in real estate.
I'm a bit possessive.

There was something I was concerned about, and I requested that we communicate through the website rather than LINE or email, and we still communicate through the website.
A long time ago, my wife found out that I was cheating on her, so my LINE account was checked and I was told that I was not allowed to do it...

He contacted me frequently and told me his full name and company.They will take you to very high-end shops and hotels.
He also says that I am his only...

I'm sometimes worried that it's because it's easy to cut off communication only on the site at any time.
Should I be prepared to be released at any time?

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sun moon new

This is Arata Nizuki, a male member.

Since we exchange LINE, it's hard to break off the relationship.Since it is not replaced, it is easy to get disconnected.I don't think so.

Some women have created LINE accounts using their club names, and I understand that identity verification is not necessary if you only use LINE's conversation function.
Even if you register with your real name, if you are blocked or your account is deleted, you will not be able to contact us.
I think LINE is a tool that allows you to easily cut off contact.

It is important that you tell us your full name and company.
By letting the man know these things, the man will be prepared to investigate and contact the woman if he breaks up in a strange way.
Of course, your full name and company can also be outright lies, so if it's a lie, it's okay for the man to break up with you in a weird way.
Why not look it up online to see if the full name and company are real?

In addition, why not ask for their mobile phone number and say something like, ``I'm worried about whether I can get in touch with you quickly if I use LINE, such as when I'm running late for a meeting.''

Since a mobile phone number naturally requires a mobile phone contract, there is a contract with a phone company such as DoCoMo using your real name.
If you do some research, you can find out who the contractor is.
Also, you don't usually have to change your number, so it's much safer than exchanging LINE.

In a relationship between a man and a woman, if the man is married, it is quite rare for the man to end up with marriage, but it is likely that the relationship will end in marriage.
However, as the term "release" used to express parting ways is used to return grown or temporarily captured things back to nature, it may not be such a serious thing to break a relationship.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/19 04:51
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Joe Rubicon

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If you can answer the question with YES or NO, then YES.This is because the real estate industry is an industry with many ups and downs, depending on the level and content.If the financial situation becomes difficult, there is a possibility that the person asking the question will ask to leave the relationship.Also, I often get tired of meeting people here (both of us, though).

However, how about enjoying your relationship while being prepared for it to come to an end?Since the person in question is over XNUMX years old, I thought there was a high possibility that she thought the person asking the question was the last woman she would ever meet.I hope we continue to have a good relationship.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/19 11:29
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I agree
Not only for those dads, but for dad activities
I thought it would be released at any time.
Better be mentally prepared

After all, it's a relationship based on money.

I also get asked to break up with women all the time.
I'm mentally preparing myself for the relationship.

I'll leave the rest to the person asking the question.
Dad says it's only mine
It's a little scary
The person who asked the question wants to break up with her because she is clinging to him.
It seems like it might get stubborn depending on the timing.

Isn't it better in moderation?

  • Answer date: 2023/11/19 12:51
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I think it's okay to interpret this as a good thing because it's an interaction within the site, so they're thinking about it continuing for a long time.

Generally speaking, it's LINE, but I think what's safe may vary depending on the person.

Even if you're dating in a club, I think it's important to believe in each other.

>He also calls me his only...

This is something you want to show through your everyday atmosphere, facial expressions, and actions, rather than words.
I'm a little worried because words can backfire if it's an allowance relationship.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/19 12:38
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date ◎ dream

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>I'm worried that it's because it's easy to disconnect at any time if you only communicate within the site.
Should I be prepared to be released at any time?

I don't think that's necessarily the case.
I think there are some men who have no choice but to communicate on the site for various reasons.

Let's release it~ (lol)
In my case, I have never released water, but it feels like there is no end to it (lol).
It's like saying, "Well, that's good!"
You might think that club relationships are rare and simple, but there are also cases where there are four relationships.

If you think so,
It's interesting that some people think of it as an extended period of subsidized dating where they can no longer contact each other immediately after meeting.

I think it all depends on how you think about dating.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/19 20:36
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system engineer member

I think there are a certain number of people who are secretive, regardless of whether the relationship is shallow or deep.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/22 17:01