• I've met my dad about 5 times now, and every time I meet him, he asks me why I'm active as a dad.

    I always answer because I'm frustrated...


Question date: 2023/11/18 00:04

I've met my dad about 5 times now, and every time I meet him, he asks me why I'm active as a dad.

I always answer that it's because I'm frustrated, but I'm nervous because I'm afraid that if that answer is given, he'll ask me to meet him at some point without paying for it.

Honestly, it's for money, but if it's a man, how would you be happy?

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As a way to earn money, I try to convert what I can into cash as soon as I can.One of the ways to do that is through dad activities.Nothing more, nothing less.

In fact, there are many men who either don't understand this basic thing, don't try to understand it, or just can't accept it. When you ask, "Why are you working as a dad?", that's the type of dad you are.

So, in other words, just respond with something that feels good.

I think a better answer would be something along the lines of, ``I can be a father because my partner is you.I don't think it would be possible with someone other than you.''

  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 01:06
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I'll tell you something good.

When I say, ``It's for the money,'' it sounds weird, but when I say, ``I need the money,'' it sounds like ``I want to do something for it.''

The key is to use the passive voice rather than the active voice.Simply put, it's not because of your own will, but because of the circumstances.

If you think about it again, in English we often use the passive voice when speaking politely.Maybe it's common all over the world.

The other person may want to haggle, but they may also want to build a proper relationship.That's why I'm asking about your motive.The reason you keep asking this question may be because you give a different answer each time.Well, if they hear that you need money, they might say that they'll give it to you and keep it to themselves, but in that case, there's a way to deal with it, so please ask again here.


  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 01:05
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Joe Rubicon

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 Personally, I think "frustration" is the best answer, as the questioner has already answered.Old man, I'm overjoyed.
 If you're worried about Dadaman, answer him by saying, ``My man◯ is wet and my wallet is empty.''

  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 09:23
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I think it's different for each person.

When I sense someone else's lies, I wake up thinking that everything is a lie.
Therefore, I like women who are honest, even if they just want money to play with.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 05:32
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Even for the same money purpose,

I want clothes and branded bags...

rather than

I want to repay my parents for their help, so I'm saving money to help rebuild my parents' house...

How about saying that?

  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 05:14
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If you work, your basic salary is low.
Because there's something I want
Scholarship repayment, etc.
If you tell them it's money, they won't ask.
It seems like it will be

I would say that I am frustrated
A kind of play?
Dad must be excited to hear that.
What is it?LOL

My regular is
I didn't listen to him, so he told me himself.
One person is repaying a scholarship.
One person to make ends meet
That's right

  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 09:25
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Maezawa (Staff)

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Blog post

thanks for your questions.
Maezawa will also answer.

>If you are a man, how would you respond?

Because you're nice
Because the story is fun
Because I feel safe when I'm with you

I feel like it's fine like that.
I feel like it's pretty good because I'm frustrated.

>If that answer is given, I'm nervous because I'm afraid he'll ask me to meet him at some point without any allowance.

I think such people will start saying things like that after the second or third time.
I think it's okay if there is more than that as long as they don't tell you.

I know that men are also money.
Still, there is a part of me that doesn't like it being just about money.
I think I would like to hear other reasons.

  • Answer date: 2023/11/18 00:47