• I'm sorry for asking you so many questions over and over again. .

    The opinions you receive here will be helpful.

    At the club...


Question date: 2023/09/23 21:10

I'm sorry for asking you so many questions over and over again. .

The opinions you receive here will be helpful.

I went there earlier because someone I met at a club asked me out for a second date.
I went to Yakiniku, and the staff there were as cute as models, so cute that even I, a woman, couldn't help but stare at them.
Then, the man I was talking to would also glance at the store clerk every time he came, and I thought, ``That store clerk is cute!''When I said that, did you really think so?
May I ask for your contact information?He said.We both drank alcohol, so I took a taxi home first, so I don't know if I asked the staff for my contact information afterwards.
You're free to think what you want, but don't you think it's rude to say that in front of me?
What do you all think about all this?
Sorry for not being cute! !So, why did you invite me a second time?It became.

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It's My

this is it

Many men are stupid and lack delicacy.
Why not try asking the question a little differently, assuming that the guy is an idiot?

“That one is cute, isn’t it? Next to me ^ ^”

Even if I'm a little stupid
"Of course you're prettier."

The answer should be...

Even if the father asks for the child's contact information,
I think if you have that level of insensitivity, you won't be attacked lol.

In answer to your question,
1) Yes, I'm terribly rude.
2) It's not just a matter of "this much".
There are men.I'll do it too.
I'm sorry

It's My

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Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.As an unemployed person with free time, I am very welcome.

You told me how beautiful it was to see, so you were the first to say it, so my dad slipped violently as if it were a boat.
On the other hand, I would like to become a teacher.

When a man sees a beautiful woman, he is drawn to her.Please take him seriously.

I would never have the courage to ask for his contact information.She must have a boyfriend or be married.She looks beautiful as an actress, she is the same as saying.

We are all grateful to the club girls who go on dates with their allowances.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/23 22:09
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I think it's rude, and I don't criticize people like that, but I don't think it's rude enough to just throw irrelevant questions or complaints into the question box over and over again.

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I have also experienced that store staff are cuter (lol).

So, was your relationship with your partner a pure love relationship where you both promised to be one-on-one?If that were the case, the man's behavior is unacceptable, but I think it was just a joke.It is better to question that point.

If he's not stupid, then he's serious, and then you're no longer the only one for him.I'm sorry, but I can't help it.She was the best when I invited her, but since I met her~♪

If your attack does not go well, there is a possibility that the man will come back, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to participate in the repechage match.It's a balance of pride vs. practical interest (lol)

If it's not a one-on-one relationship, then multiple relationships are possible, right?In that situation, if a woman you're interested in says, ``That girl's nice,'' you'll say, ``That's right.''Isn't this the moment when we started having a conversation as friends who can talk frankly even though we are in multiple relationships?I'm in multiple relationships, so even if someone better comes along, I won't abandon you.In fact, if you can talk openly, including behind the scenes, you won't be cut off no matter what kind of super beautiful woman appears. For example, if you look at the billing statement, it's like a "base price" that doesn't disappear like various options and pay-as-you-go charges. This means that we have been able to obtain a suitable position.I think that's a very good story.


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Each man has a different opinion, but honestly I think it's rude.
Even if there is someone more beautiful than the person I met, I only think about it in my head and don't say it out loud.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/24 09:55
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date ◎ dream

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Ahaha (laughs)
Of course (lol)

Oh dear,
It depends on the level of the man, but both the person asking the question and the store staff have the right to choose (lol)
If the male member is good-looking, I might tell him.
If you're a customer with a woman and you're a regular, that's fine, but if you meet her for the first time, you're likely to end up with a simple nod.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/23 22:19
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It's a bit strange the second time.
They still don't understand the distance between them and the size of their pockets.
If it were me, I'd say, ``Maybe I should ask for your contact information,'' followed by ``I don't have the courage to ask, lol.''

  • Answer date: 2023/09/25 01:45
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I'm sorry but
He's a funny dad
It's light, so I feel like I can talk about anything.

If the person asking the question has a boyfriend or other father
After consultation, I can continue with official approval.
You'll feel more at ease then.
Maybe we can talk while watching the situation little by little lol
(If your dad doesn't like it, please stop now.)

An adult who has recently experienced a relationship with me is
When I asked how it felt
Recently, my sex friend blindfolded me and tied my hands.
He said he was very wet.
I'm saying I'll do that next time lol

To what extent should we maintain a frank relationship?
I use them depending on how the other person is doing, but...

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