• Nice to meet you.
    I will be a female member who registered with the Universe Club yesterday.

    Thankfully these two days...


Question date: 2023/07/23 22:56

Nice to meet you.
I will be a female member who registered with the Universe Club yesterday.

Thankfully, 2 people registered as favorites in the last 4 days.However, I just registered and didn't know what to do, so I returned "It's nice" without a comment.
Looking back now, I'm worried that it was a little rude to reply without commenting, or maybe I was too passive.

I'm inexperienced as a dad and I don't know everything, so I'm a little impatient.If you have any opinions or advice, please let me know m(_ _)m

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column article

There's nothing wrong with that.

I just joined, so it's usually like that.It's scary to have bad comments.

It's only been two days, so I think the other party will be happy enough.

  • Answer date: 2023/07/23 23:11
Male member


This is Shirousa, a male respondent.

If you don't mind getting an offer from that person, you can just press "It's nice".
If you don't want me to come, don't press it and leave it alone.
If you want to go on a date with this person, write in the message, "Thank you for your likes. I've just registered, but I'd love to have a date with you."
In fact, it went from "Favorite" → "It's nice with a message" → "Offered and developed into a relationship".

I hope you find a good dad.
Work hard!

  • Answer date: 2023/07/24 02:19
Male member


It's a feeling, but I feel like 2 people in 4 days is quite small, so if you're passive, it might be tough.
There was a child who sent it again after a month, so I think it would be better to include a comment next time.

  • Answer date: 2023/07/24 07:50
Female member

Nana Ayase

It's just a favorite and not an offer.

Thank you
Let's put about.

Also, it seems that there are quite a few women in their 1s and 20s, who are the most popular, who don't have a single offer.
Unless you can think and act on your own, even if you receive an offer, it will end up as a one-hit wonder.

  • Answer date: 2023/07/24 08:51