• Sakura you often ask, what is a beauty station?


Question date: 2023/07/21 07:45

Sakura you often ask, what is a beauty station?

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Kida (President)

Thank you for your question!

I will explain Sakura and the beauty station in the dating club

Cherry blossom
For example, you started a dating club.A man who wanted a customer came for an interview.
Naturally, the question comes, ``Honde-ossan, are you a man? Beppin-san, are you a man?''
It will be "Take a glimpse"
If there were only 10 women with a delicate line there, I would probably go home.
So you mix pictures of imaginary women into an album to make 100.
Even if you make an offer after joining, it will be said, "I'm sorry, that child can't be contacted."
Management will try to increase the number of women and prevent men from withdrawing.

Beauty station
I got into a good relationship with a woman I was introduced to on a date.One day, three months after I started having a physical relationship,
"Come to my room today" is unusually positively invited.When I was having sex while saying, "You're a cute girl," the front door opened,
“Akemi, what are you doing? Who is that man? Do you know that my sister is only 15?
The woman has already left the club and the staff can't contact her.Even if she looks at the age verification documents, she only has an insurance card, so I don't know if she belongs to her.
It means that you will hand over 300 million on the condition that you will not tell your family or company.

Are you satisfied with this answer?
I've been in this industry for over 10 years, but I've never heard of a beauty station.

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column article

Tsutsumotase would be quicker to search, so I guess Sakura isn't in the Universe Club.

They probably live in matchmaking parties, weak matching apps, and unusually cheap real estate advertisements.

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