• Is there a man who got divorced because his wife found out that he was working as a daddy?If alimony...


Question date: 2023/07/19 06:25

Is there a man who got divorced because his wife found out that he was working as a daddy?If alimony occurs, does the woman have to pay the alimony?

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I know three people specifically.
One of them was a Shinmama's papa active girl, and her wife claimed alimony of XNUMX million yen, which was confirmed in court.She had no choice but to work as a dad to pay for it.
The other two are female acquaintances who are not dads.Women in their XNUMXs and XNUMXs.One of them was also sued by her wife for having an affair at her workplace because she was lonely after she got divorced.She begged her adulterer to pay half the price, but she didn't.
The other is our female employee lol.She was married and had a gloomy face, so when I asked her, "What's wrong?", she told me, "Actually."She was persuaded by a married man and received a complaint from his wife.I introduced him to a lawyer friend of mine.
I have no choice but to set up a lawyer, but if you don't have a connection, you should consult Houterasu.I will introduce you.Is the cost about XNUMX for the starting fee?
Married men who say they've recently separated and plan to divorce soon are the most at risk.The wife may be in the middle of investigating her husband's background, and if she wants to divorce her husband in the first place, the quickest thing to do is to find evidence of her husband's adultery, and to tell her husband, "You are the reason for the divorce." You can sue and get alimony.

(XNUMX) If you live, you will definitely get a venereal disease, (XNUMX) If you put money into a bank account, the tax office will definitely come, and (XNUMX) If you live with a married man as a father, your wife will definitely ask for alimony. you know.
As a countermeasure, XNUMX is a condom, XNUMX is a closet deposit, and XNUMX is to have the other person write "I am single" in the line exchange and save it.Most of the men will dodge by saying things like, "I'm careful, so it's fine."Or at least limit the line contact to the date and time of the meeting, and be careful not to leave so-called pseudo-romance content or content like "how much would you like for an adult?"Is there anything I can do about this?
Also, stay at a city hotel, not a love hotel, and enter the rooms separately if possible.Meals can be escaped by being watched and photographed.As you can imagine, the most risky is the history of lines and messages.

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Kida (President)

Thank you for your question!

I think there are couples who got divorced because of dad activities, but I can't get statistics on how many there are.

If you knew that your partner was married and had sex, the woman would also be obligated to pay alimony to his wife.
Unlike cheating, papa activities have a business-like aspect, so there are histories with 10 women who found out about papa activities.
That's what it means.
Will the woman make a settlement or trial against all 10 people?
To win a case, you need to hire a detective to find evidence, which can take 3 months or 100 million dollars.
It will be a balance with the effort around here

A man who shows his family photos and talks fluently about his wife is like saying, "If you find out, please ask my wife for alimony."If the relationship is only about money, cut your hands.

  • Answer date: 2023/07/25 20:28
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I wonder if there is such a person, I have never heard of it.

I would pay 300 million yen instead.
If you get into a fight, quarrel with a woman, or are poor, you might be billed for 300 million yen.

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I happened to talk to a lawyer who is strong in civil matters the other day, and it seems that if a wife sues her husband's affair partner, the alimony is 7%, and the adulterous husband secretly pays it to his mistress.

In the unlikely event that I am asked for alimony, I'm sorry and I'm thinking of paying it, but I think my dad will probably do something about it (or rather, I'll have a hard time if I don't have a relationship of trust that will do something about it). I'm here.

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Joe Rubicon

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With or without it, there is.
An acquaintance of mine (female) was charged 1500 million yen by his wife, and a judgment of 800 million yen was issued.
It seems that it is probably quite an exceptional amount, but it seems that the reason is that 1 the adultery period was long and 2 adultery caused the marriage to collapse and lead to divorce.
According to a classmate's lawyer, the amount will change depending on whether the marriage ends in divorce or the marriage continues.The latter will likely cost less.
 Another consideration is where the trial will take place.For example, if a girl living in a rural area has a relationship with a man in Tokyo and is sued for adultery by his wife, who lives in Tokyo, the trial will generally be held in Tokyo.
Travel expenses and other expenses to appear in court (if you hire a local lawyer, travel expenses) will also be taken into consideration.
It's not my intention to threaten you, and I may not be qualified to speak as a married person, but in any case, when dating a married man, caution is required.

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date ◎ dream

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If you say "yes" and "no", I think it's "yes",
Definitely not for me (laughs).

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