• There was a proposal that the other party would pay the full amount of moving expenses and rent etc.
    Be careful if you believe me...


Question date: 2023/04/05 12:57

There was a proposal that the other party would pay the full amount of moving expenses and rent etc.
Is there anything I should be careful about, whether I should believe it or not?

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Nana Ayase

How long do you think your relationship with him will last?
Maybe in 3 months we will break up.

What would you do if asked to leave?

If you can pay the rent, common service fees, etc. on your own after the breakup, if you would like to pay it at least at the beginning, it might be okay to ask.
can i believe
That thought is terrifying.Look ahead and act.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/05 15:33
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It doesn't seem like there's much to pay attention to.

I think it's a normal story unless you said it from the questioner.

However, I think it would be better for you to pay your own rent.

Moving expenses and rent are considered to be separate things from allowances, just like presents, but I don't like it when women take it for granted, so I think it's better not to take it for granted. increase.

Also, just because I've arranged to move, I don't use the room as a hotel, and I don't particularly want to move up (from here).

To the last, it is the father's feeling that he wants to be useful to women.

I want to enjoy company.For men who want to enjoy various things and want to go out, rather than giving allowances because they have grown up, it makes me feel a little happier to help with something really necessary, such as moving.

If you move, first of all, they will solve things you don't understand, go around the real estate agent together, negotiate difficult things to talk about, discuss the floor plan, search for properties and find them together. They look around the property, and once you decide to move, they don't actually need to carry a lot of luggage, so they carry them, look at the necessary furniture, install them, and go and buy various small items. Give
It doesn't just end with paying the moving fee, it's a little bit of work that involves a lot of involvement, such as giving time, thinking, consulting, and actually moving. It's a big event.

If you are in a relationship where you can rely on such things with peace of mind, you can leave it to me, and if you are in a relationship where you are unsure, I think it is better to refrain from it beyond a certain extent.

In terms of money, it's clear that you have to pay the moving fee and rent.

I think that intimacy is more related to asking for advice about moving, getting advice, and being involved in many things, so I think it's better to judge whether or not the person is willing to think about such things.

The moving fee is enough for a few allowances, so it's not a big amount from the man's side.

Rather, helping with moving, going around real estate agents, looking at necessary furniture and home appliances, etc. are more labor-intensive and emotionally necessary, so I consulted them about that. I think you will understand the relationship.

If you understand that kind of feeling, if you think about a long-term relationship in the future, you should pay the moving fee and rent yourself, look around for celebratory furniture and home appliances, and ask for help with moving. think.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/05 15:25
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How many months have you met each other?How many times a month do you meet and what kind of dates do you have?Is the other person making an effort to build a trusting relationship with each other? → Tells the other party's real name, parent-child / relative relationship, company, etc.

I've experienced this kind of thing a few times, but even if the relationship ends up being stalked, there's a way to deal with it if it's a president or executive with a wife and children who has a solid identity.

Take a good look at the other person's personality.If you think you can believe it, I think you can jump in.

If you don't believe it, ask them to provide you with the moving expenses and the furniture in your new home so that you can pay the rent yourself.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/05 21:57
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flag maker

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I'm going to guess myself here.

Guhehe.You can't get away with a few things by identifying the house and paying the rent.So let's do it through erotic demands.In addition, a free spear room is available, so you can save on hotel bills, and you can get excited about fucking in a woman's room.Guhehe.The rent for one month is cheaper than meeting three times each time, and it's a cheap subscription and unlimited spear plan.I'm looking forward to it.Guhehe.Guhehe.

How about that?
A bad feeling usually comes true, so be careful.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/06 13:23
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I thought it was ④, but it's not a big deal to put a representative in the person who wants to answer ②
I wonder why the more useless customers want to pull out the president.

There is no reason for others to know whether it is okay to believe, and in the first place, they are asking what they can believe.
The things to watch out for are that your house will be known to men, that you will be entrusting your food, clothing and shelter to others, and that you will be expected or demanded of something appropriate if you are pulling money.
Aside from entrusting it to a man who is aware of the risks and trustworthy, I feel that it will not be a very good result for a person who is shallow enough to ask such a question to ask a person who has a thin relationship to pay.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/05 13:15
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Believe in yourself and Papa.
But my relationship with my dad might change.
Please be prepared for that.

I have also moved and paid rent.
Pocket money, of course.

From going to the real estate agent to going to arrange the furniture,
We went around together.
As with financial matters,
I don't know if my judgment is correct or not, and it seems like it's reassuring to be two people.
(I want him to grow up to be a capable child, so I won't spoil him unnecessarily lol)

The most important thing is
It's just how you feel, isn't it?
Even though I'm worried about Papa, turning a blind eye to it with money,
I don't think it will give good results.

And as a specific point,
Keep track of your dad's personal information.
I may have written it several times before, but it's called Mutually Assured Destruction.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/06 02:49
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"Severity" Scale
(XNUMX) I am provoking the respondent because I want them to pay attention to me, (XNUMX) I have no malice, but I want to chat because I am free, (XNUMX) I want you to quickly tell me because I am too lazy to do my own research or contact the branch office, (XNUMX) Simple questions, (XNUMX) Serious and really worried (severity increases in the order of ① → ⑤)
I think it's ⑤.

Depending on the man's industry, moving expenses and rent may be dropped by the company's expenses.Employee dormitory.
From the men's point of view, the tax rate for high-income earners is about 50%, so for example, if the rent is 10 yen, the tax will be reduced by 5 yen. It's easy.
If I were a man, would I negotiate something like, "I'll pay the rent, so please pay the adult rent for free"?Are you a little small?
However, the man's pocket is probably not hurting as much as the questioner thinks.
So it's not that suspicious.Because it is beneficial for men as well.
That being said, don't forget to pretend to be really grateful←Here's important

  • Answer date: 2023/04/05 14:07