• Are there few gyaru-type women?

    We become indebted to.
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Question date: 2018/06/30 19:46

Are there few gyaru-type women?

We become indebted to.
Probably, many male members who use this club have dignity and formality themselves, so the image of women they seek is "a woman with an intelligent and mature atmosphere (young woman)". I think there are many women who want a woman who doesn't have a lot of kyapikyapi (dead language?).

In fact, I feel that there are many women who have a calm atmosphere, and in terms of system, they are neat and fluffy (?).
If this question box also has a tattoo, will the adoption rate decrease?I read it with great interest.

I love gals! , I prefer light-hearted girls who seem to be a bit timid (this might be a rude way of saying it) rather than intelligent women, and I'd rather have tattoos...

・After all, are you saying that you are a gyaru-kei, or are there few women like that?
・Will the employment rate of such women decrease after all?
(Of course, the staff here are very well-mannered, so I understand that hiring decisions are made based not only on appearance and type, but also on whether or not they have a minimum level of common sense.)
・Is it difficult to increase the adoption rate of such women for users with minor tastes like me? (No matter what type of business, it is only possible if there is demand, so I understand that it is difficult in reality.)

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Kida (President)

Kida will answer

I will correct some sentences in your question.

I think that many of the male members who use this club have dignity and formality themselves.
→Could you stop being so ironic?We are a date club.A group of women.I am successful at work, have plenty of time and money, and am adventurous and romantic, but I love women.I don't understand the quality and style

gal is weak
→ Gyaru is just pretending to be an idiot because smart characters are not allowed.It's an old common sense that unlike men, you shouldn't trust women's idiots.

and the main subject
Is it difficult to increase the recruitment rate of gals?

I think it would be difficult with the current membership site design.


If it's a membership site with a glittering design like Koakuma AGEHA, on the contrary, neat women may look like snotty noses.

If you wait another XNUMX years for the times to change, the universe may be able to respond.

But come to think of it, it's the universe that uses gyaru-kei the most, right? !

It's a small percentage of the total, but compared to other clubs, the overall number is by far the largest, so gals are properly mixed in.
Universe Club is the only club that respects the diversity of women, so you may not be able to find gals, nerds, or mature women at other clubs, but there is a high possibility of finding them at Universe.

  • Answer date: 2018/07/10 00:22
Back office

Business Strategy Department Yamagishi

Yamagishi from the Advertising Management Division will answer.

Thank you for your valuable opinion.
Even in the current situation, even if you look like a gyaru type, we are registering women who understand how the dating club works and mistresses.

However, as you said, we recognize that the absolute number is small.

We will create advertisements that deepen the understanding of dating clubs and mistresses among gal-type women, and we will proceed so that more such women will come to receive interviews.

Recently, the dating club industry has been expanding the area where we can advertise, and the other day, we have been able to propose a tie-up project from a certain famous gyaru magazine.
With our current budget, magazine tie-up advertising is quite expensive, but we will do our best to increase sales and enter the field of such advertising, so that we can satisfy you.

  • Answer date: 2018/06/30 20:12
ス タ ッ フ


Katsuki will answer.

We do not reject applicants based solely on their appearance.There are also branches with many gyaru-kei women (especially Chiba, Chiba, Chiba, etc.)
However, it is difficult for gal-type women to get offers, and many women say that they want to withdraw because there are no offers.

If you are interested in a woman, I would be very happy if you could contact me.
Katsuki was interviewing, and I thought that there were many girls who were pure inside as much as girls.I also think she looks bad.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Answer date: 2018/06/30 20:51

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