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Polishing women with dad activities Vol.2

From noon today, I was doing dad activities normally.

Throughout the day, I walk around town with my dad.

Then, I learned a lot, and when I looked around, I saw many couples who were unexpectedly similar to each other from daytime to evening. (Couple means a relationship like me and dad.)

As expected, I haven't seen a woman near a love hotel since the daytime, but I saw a woman who looked like me and was working as a daddy at a cafe.

Personally, I thought that the shops I chose were surprisingly similar.

So, these days, I decided to refrain from posting photos on SNS such as Instagram as much as possible.

I mean, don't you hate it?If the store is covered or if you add a hashtag at that store, all the women who live as dads will come out.

In particular, hotels with pools in Tokyo are pretty bad these days.

If you look at Instagram, you'll see almost all women wearing swimwear and wearing plastic balls and floating rings.

To be honest, I'm mixed up in that photo, so I think it's just a matter of thinking.

Besides, recently, there are many cases where the dad himself is also on Instagram.

Again, I don't remember where I went with whom, and I think any woman who has frequent daddy activities will understand my feelings.

On top of that, if my dad, who is currently under contract, finds my picture on Instagram, and I book the same hotel myself, it would be dangerous.

Apart from that, I'm not saying that it's no good to find out.

However, when I think about Papa's state of mind, I feel sorry.

In the first place, men like this and make a contract.

Of course, if you've used the same hotel as a different man in the past, it's normal to be offended, and I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible.

However, you may be doing it without realizing it.

In other words, it's a story that says it's fine if it doesn't come out.

So, I tried to refrain from uploading photos of food or other photos that could identify the location as much as possible.

That said, the number of women who are really active as dads has increased.

This time as well, I would like to introduce the parts that I actually gained by polishing myself while working as a dad.


I'm sure all women who are working as dads will understand.

Basically, most of the men introduced in dating clubs are two times older than us.

So-called elderly.

I didn't realize it until I started papa katsu, but the man looks very young.

Having said that, most people are suitable for their age just by saying that they look young at all.

Especially when I listen to conversations and hobbies, I can understand it.

So I realized that women need to think about the stance of the conversation.

What position do you have with men?That's the point.

If you're a lover, you'll feel a sense of intimacy if you speak in Tame, and if you're an old-fashioned lover, is it better to give him a name?Such. (For example, Hitoshi-san.)

This is a really important turning point in first grabbing a man's heart.

If you make the wrong choice here, it will make the other person worry, and will the initial sense of distance become distant?are you getting closer?It's important.

I have contracted with many men.

I've tried many different versions and the best one isHonorific again.

Even though it's called honorifics, it's not the kind of honorifics that a store clerk would use, like reading a script.

Does this alone convey nuances to everyone?I'm not confident.

I wonder if I should call it a little playful, or a spoiled honorific.

Is it like an honorific while putting in a body touch?It's a feeling.

I wonder if this is the conversational technique that any man can use in the dad activity I've been doing so far.

However, if it is a simple honorific, there will be a strange pause.

However, by adding body touches, all of this is resolved, and men naturally begin to smile and hide their embarrassment.

Then, laughter naturally begins to appear, and the feeling of the atmosphere changes completely.

If this is a Tame language, of course it will be lively, but there is a possibility that the dignity of the female side will be questioned.


However, it is easy to have a conversation here.

However, as a recipient, there should be more and more doubts.

The reason is that we live in different times.

Of course, I think there are men who are pleased with the Tame language.

But this is just my experience.

If you are going to sign a contract with a man for a long time and feel good about it, I think, "Isn't there a certain amount of dignity on the woman's side?"

I personally think that men are watching when women are not.

Surely, try to think about it plainly?Men are in a position where they can introduce women from the dating club with many women at any time.

What if we women choose men?

Of course, wouldn't you cherish a man with dignity?If it were me, I'd do it, and people who have a rough conversation might get bored.

It might be fun at that time, but if I'm going to spend a long time, I'd prefer someone with dignity.

When I thought about it, my answer was "unify with honorifics".

If you notice this and unify it, you can deal with any dad, so it's easy, and I've never been warned about my use of words until now. (It's been said that I'm classy.)

Besides, if you use honorifics, you can respond anywhere.

To be honest, I never thought about this until I started working as a dad.

Because it's easier to have a conversation in Tame.

But that comfort is only for me, and I learned through papa katsu that the most important thing is what the other person thinks.

It's a feeling of caring for others.

In the first place, papa katsu is only possible when there is a man.

Well, if the other man doesn't have a feeling of caring for us, the relationship of papa katsu won't work, right?Feeling caring for each other. (GIVE AND TAKE)

From a woman's point of view, I thought that I should have a feeling of consideration for the other man at the time of receiving money.

There is respect for the other party using honorifics.

This is us who look very young to them.


Is that the best consideration that we women can do?I thought.

Besides, I think it is very important in the sense of showing respect to the other person in polishing women.

Most of the women's polishing that I can introduce is the experience that I actually used in my dad life.

However, don't you think it's better to be seen as an elegant woman anyway?I think that maintaining a woman's dignity is also connected to the value of your daily life, so please feel like you've been deceived and try experimenting with Papa Katsu.

I definitely don't think it will go against the wind.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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