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A story of being told by a friend, "Why don't you do dad activities together?"

invitation from friends

Around the time Papa-katsu started to become a hot topic, I received this message from a friend.

"Hey hey, don't live as a dad together! ?'

At that time, I was already working as a dad, sowhat are you talking about...'I remember being in the mood.

The reason why my friends want to do dad activities together is "It's not scary if you're with friends, and I thought I was lucky to be able to earn money while playing."And.

"It seems that you can get an allowance just by eating!It's lucky that the food cost is also floating!' said my friend proudly.

I understand the good points of my friends, but "Daddy life, don't look sweet! ?' I thought.

The reason why I refused dad activities with my friends

I thought about talking to my friends about the practical aspects of dad life, but on the contrary, I thought they would rely on me.sorryI will refuse to tell you only.

My friend looked dissatisfied, but I declined for various other reasons.

Allowance may be reduced

This is just a prediction, but it is possible that the allowance will be reduced if two people work as a dad.

Papa's burden is quite big because he will have to bear the allowance for two people and the date fee!

As a result, the frequency of meeting will be reduced, and the allowance you will receive will also be reduced.

According to a friend of Papa Katsu

""Divide between two people!'It was said that 1 yen was handed over.I wonder if one person could get 1 yen whole?When I think about it, I have mixed feelings...'

It seems that something like this actually happened.

To be honest, I don't like arguing with friends over money.

Troublesome to adjust the schedule!

To do dad activities with friends, first of all you have to adjust the schedule together.

As for myself "I wish I could live as a dad on this day.Even if you think, it's really troublesome because your friend's schedule has to match!

I can't even run away and play daddy..., "Is there any meaning in living as a dad with friends? ?I even think.

If you're a friend who relies on your own strength, adjusting your schedule will likely become your job, and to be honest, I don't feel the benefits of working together as a dad.

There is a risk of being judged superiority or inferiority

Assuming that Papa-katsu is my friend, it is assumed that Papa will naturally rank me and my friends as superior or inferior.

"Looks are ○○-chan""The talk power is △△-chan” Of course, this may be a matter of course.

But to be honest, I don't feel good, and it is possible that the difference between superiority and inferiority will gradually become clear within Papa.

I decided that it was not good for my mental health to be a dad while being constantly compared to my dad.

I want to enjoy my dad life more comfortably.

Daddy's requirements don't match

I don't know if I will necessarily agree with the same opinion even if I say that I do dad activities with my friends.

what if"It's impossible to be a bald and fat daddy!""Daddy life hope for only 1 hour to eat!"It's exhausting to be told such unreasonable things, and the hurdles to find a daddy go up.

In particular, dad life has become a hot topic, and the best dads are in a state of competition!

If you only say hope, you may miss even a good dad.

Daddy activities with friends were also a disadvantage for dads!

When I told my father, who was good to me at the time, about this incident, he said,You were right to refuse!To be honest, it's hard on my dad's side too...was said.

I was curious, so I asked my dad about it,

・It is hard to bear the allowance for two people every time

・It's okay if you like both, but if you don't like one, you won't feel like meeting.

・The image of being “likely to be attacked” is strong

・I can't do a little persuasion talk, so I don't have fun

・Honestly, I think, “Why don’t we eat together?”

I learned that my dad was enjoying his dad activities in his own way, and that he valued the communication that was possible because it was one-on-one.

surely"Why are you doing papa katsu with your friends?There is no doubt that you think.

The atmosphere of blatant treatment purpose was transmitted, and it was the cause of papa's withering.

It is said that many girls who are beginning to be interested in dad activities have the image of "papa = someone who gives allowances".

If you hear from Daddy, "partner to kill time""libido treatmentWhat if you only thought

With that in mind, I think it's easy to understand how Dad feels.

Papa activities are limited to solo play!

If a girl reading this article says,I want to try dad activities with my friends!""The quickest way to earn money is to live as a dad”, I recommend that you take this opportunity to change your thoughts.

Because daddy wants one-on-one communication with the girl he likes.

Even if you work as a part-time dad with your friends, attractive dads won't come to you.

The best shortcut to continue long-term with a wonderful good dad is to do dad activities alone!

It may be uneasy for girls who have no experience with daddy activities, but all successful daddy girls are solo players!

Please be brave and start working as a dad.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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