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After all, what kind of girls do dads like?!

Nice to meet you, Cinderella viewers.

My name is Rei Hashimoto and I'm in charge of public relations for Universe Group!

This is my first time writing a column!

Well, what should I write about the memorable first column...

Right!Title it! "After all, what kind of girls do dads like? !'


I saw this kind of voice on Twitter.

"I tried to sign up for the Universe Club but I never got an offer and it was shit'

"I'm just doing Twitter without turning around the project'

…I'm sorry.

However, although the club side supports dating, it is the male member who decides which girl he wants to date.

In other words, in order to receive an offer, it is necessary to be a woman that male members want to choose and want to meet.

Therefore, in this article“How can I become the kind of woman I want to choose?”I would like to tell you that from the club's perspective.

However, I don't think everyone wants an article written about ordinary beautiful things...

Hashimoto, you did your best.

Thoroughly researching popular female members and trying to convey realistic and serious information...!

We analyzed nearly 100 female members, yes.I am a stoic woman.

Please take a look at the report that Hashimoto researched while desperately suffering from dry eyes!

(Note: This is a report based on Hashimoto's research and Hashimoto's point of view. I hope you will enjoy reading it as an opinion.)

These days, when the word "papa-katsu" has spread, "Ah!Those people don't look like Papa...?I think there are times when you see a duo who thinks,

Most of them are girls, and I feel that they tend to be youthful and cute.

Of course, such girls are attractive, but women who are popular at clubs add to that and wear a "moist and sexy mistress feeling".

For example, even if you cut out one scene of shopping at a luxury brand store, "Ah, this woman is so tribute...I think.

It may be a bit old-fashioned expression, but it's an element like Mr. DanXNUMX and Manami HashiXNUMX.

It's more like being called a "mistress" rather than being called a "papa live girl"...
The stiletto heels, disheveled sheets, and cloudy bathroom... It might be a good idea to aim for a woman who evokes such a slightly damp background (?).

 But are you young?

Daddy life age problem.Why do all men like young and plump girls anyway?and.

Not at all! ! ! ! !

When I see daddy active girls on SNS, I tend to think that it's because they're college girls, or even around the age of 24, but I've received a lot of offers from so-called XNUMX-year-old women. There seems to be

As I told you earlier, as you get older, you will feel like a mistress and become more attractive as an adult.

So I don't care about my age and just fight with the weapons I have.

If you are young, you can enjoy the cuteness and freshness of freshly picked strawberries and lemons, and if you are an adult woman, you can enjoy the charm of sweet, ripe grapes.

 It's like going on a date with someone you like.Human

Are you late for a date with your crush?

Do you use foul language or cancel without notice?

Can you say thank you and gochisousama properly?

"I'm a young and pretty girl, so it's only natural to treat me like that!If you have an attitude and mindset like this, then there will be no second offer.

From the time of the interview, the popular woman was very considerate of the staff and said, "I can personally recommend this person to menIt's just the kind of person who thinks.

Say thank you properly, be polite, answer with a smile, etc.

surely"I want to meet you againI think it will lead to.

 yes, let's go reshoot

Well, I've written a lot so far, but what do male members look at when deciding on an offer...

You already know, right?

Yes, it's a photo! (Dodon)

After all, you may think that it looks good.

From many pictures of girls, "i want to meet this girlto make you think

Let's re-shoot after refining my appealing points (pure white smooth skin, transcendent prices).

Universe Club staff will bring out 200% of your charm!

Let's go and update our best ever ♡

 at the end

Well, if this does not come an offer!Do not be silly!In that case, if you can send me a DM or a reply to Hashimoto's Twitter, I'll take care of it ♡

(I'm lonely because I don't have many followers, so I'm waiting for you to follow me, tehe) (Don't advertise in the column)

Hope you all have a wonderful meeting ♡

Hashimoto Twitter →@chel_universe


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