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Recommended spots for dad life that I choose 2023 Vol.3


How about an izakaya in Papa-katsu?

Summer has come into view in Tokyo.

So even I, who is sensitive to the cold, go out during the day in short sleeves.

By the way, aren't there many people who care about their surroundings and limit themselves in various ways when they are working as dads?For example, shop selection.

After all, I think that the standard date course is to go to a restaurant with Papa and have a meal.

However, depending on the father, have you ever experienced the pattern of choosing a store without worrying about a woman's appearance or personality?I honestly have a lot.

Among them, I think the most is an izakaya.

I want to ask a woman who is working as a dad.

How about an izakaya with Papa?Can you go in high spirits?Is there anyone who raises their hand saying "I want to go to an izakaya"?To be honest, I can't be too excited.

Of course, I'm not saying that izakaya is bad, and I think I'd go out with my friends if it wasn't for work.

But what about dads and izakaya during dad activities?deaf.

I'm reluctant

Apart from that, I don't mean Papa = expensive store.

It's like every month.

Among the shops Papa chooses, there is almost always an izakaya.

As a woman, I can't refuse to go to an izakaya, and it takes a surprising amount of courage.

In the first place, why do I hate izakaya in papa katsu?

Basically, the voices around me are so loud that I can't concentrate on talking with my dad, and there are shared seats inside, and basically other people's tables are too close, right?That's why it's easy to feel the gaze when I'm with my dad in an atmosphere where it's obvious that daddy is active.

Although most people don't look at me that much, I think people who are working as dads will definitely feel their eyes on me.

In particular, I think that women who are new to daddy activities feel the gaze painfully.

So eat and drinkI can't even concentrate on conversations with my dad.

If it's an izakaya, a cafe is still better.

However, it's rude for the woman who is receiving the allowance to refuse the restaurant that Papa chose, and she chose it because I didn't make a request, right?That's why it's good to know the store in advance so that we can make requests.

Actually, I went to an izakaya with my dad last night, but it's no good for me.

The taste is also delicious.

But when I was going to go to a store with my dad, who would I go with?I have a feeling that I want you to go on a date with the most in mind.

I feel the same way about my dad.

That's why I want to cherish the atmosphere and conversations with each other more than the food.

If you are a woman who is working as a dad, you should definitely be able to sympathize.

That's why I don't want to include the sounds of other people talking and laughing out loud.

Depending on the woman, there are times when she talks about something very important to her dad.

If I choose to go to an izakaya, my feeling is that I'll have to date my dad for at least half a year and know each other to some extent.

At the very least, if you're in a relationship, you probably won't be able to talk that much about what's going on around you. (Please understand that these are my frank opinions based on my experience as a dad, so they may not apply to all women.)

However, if someone who has been on a date with their father several times, even if he invites them to an izakaya, they will say something like, "The restaurant is too noisy and I can't love you with my father, so why don't we change the restaurant?" Papa also considers this and there are many patterns that change the store. (If you just say "I don't want to go", it will sound weird, so it's good to give some reason.)

That's why I think that izakaya dates are not suitable for dad life.

This is probably one of the reasons why many women who are working as dads tend to choose fashionable cafes.That's what I'm thinking, and when I asked my friends around me, I got a similar answer. (There are few fashionable cafes with basic partitions, and there are few patterns where the seats are so close to each other.)

empire steak house

If you liked Wolfgang, you'll probably like this one too.

It is still a recent story that it opened in Japan.

Originally, the shop was opened in Japan by a disciple of Peter Luger in New York.

If you're rich and have been to NY with your dad, you should definitely know "Peter Luger".

So, if Papa doesn't know about this shop, I think he'll bite if I tell him it's the apprentice's shop.

The atmosphere of the store is the same as Wolfgang's, and the position of the seats is calculated, and the tables are surprisingly far apart.

Besides, there are surprisingly many foreign customers, so there is an atmosphere where English is flying around.

Because the store is a store, the prices are fairly high, so it seems that all the other customers have items.

That's why it's not like I'm eavesdropping on our conversation.

At night, the light gives off a dark feeling, so women who work as dads should be happy.

It is difficult for other people to notice that the surroundings are dim, so women who are new to dad activities should be especially happy.

The location is also in the middle of Roppongi, on the 1st floor of the Candeo Hotel, so the location is also good.highest.

In the first place, it might be a good course to stay overnight with Papa at Candeo Hotel.

I actually stayed at the Candeo Hotel and spent time with my dad.

It has a pool, a sauna, and the service is excellent.

To be honest, I think it would be great if I could stay at the hotel that Papa Katsu said and eat at the empire steak house on the 1st floor.

Of course, if you are active as a papa, I think you can basically go there without much trouble, but if this happens frequently, I and my papa katsu group call it "papa katsu katsugumi".

Besides, the shop is located in Roppongi, Minato Ward, so even if you go home on the same day, it's easy to catch a taxi, and it's really convenient to go somewhere with your dad after drinking.

By all means, why don't you go with your dad who has a contract once?You will definitely have a wonderful time.

By the way, I've been going recently at the 2nd place in a month.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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