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Sexual relationship with father

I wanted to ask a woman who was working as a dad out loud once.

Have you ever been asked to do something abnormal by your daddy?I'm surprisingly few, but I'm telling you clearly.

That said, I think it's relatively small.

The reason is, should I say clean to my dad?She appeals that she doesn't have much experience with men, so she doesn't get asked that much from the time she signs a contract.

Quite frankly, you are lying.

I honestly think I'm a person with a lot of experience. (smile)

Especially in my generation, club music was popular, so I started listening to music from my teens.I was in and out of clubs.

That's why I had a lot of connections with men, and I used to like older people.

With this, it would be unreasonable to say that I have little experience.

My first experience was in the first year of junior high school (my partner was a university student at the time), so I may have been able to wake up to pleasure early.

No, it's not just about pleasure.

Everything I wanted was above average.

That's why it sounds good to say that I'm full of curiosity, but I think I was the type to simply accept it and digest it cleanly and happily on my own.

I'm sure it's also being used in papa katsu.

Basically, the greedy part of the other person is the type that doesn't say no even if they ask for it, and I'm the type that asks for it quite a bit.

This is the same with desires.

If you want something, you will definitely get the urge to get it, and when it comes to appetite, you want to eat what you want right now.

That's a woman.

However, regarding papa activity, you can have sex right away at the beginning, right?I thought that the hurdle would be lowered considerably if I signed a contract with a feeling like that, and besides, the other man wouldn't take care of me?I thought at first.

Apart from that, regardless of the hurdles raised or lowered at the time of the contract, all dads take good care of me, so I realized later that the hurdles to my contract were meaningless.

After all, it feels like I've come so far without changing the contract style. (Present progressive form)

So, among the dads, I'm fairly clean, and the number of people I've experienced in the past is considered to be about 2 people.

I can't even tell the truth anymore.

However, I put such naivety on the table and act as a daddy, but the other day I was asked to play something a little abnormal.

I've been dating that dad for over a year now.

That's why he's one of my most trusted dads.

He spends a lot of money on me, and if he wasn't there, I wouldn't be able to go to bed drinking alcohol at night. (In a world where everyone says it's a recession)

One day, one of my trusted dads started saying something like this.

Hey?I have something I want to do, but will you go out with me?That's right.

As I said earlier, I am a curious woman.

Really?what?I want to say "I'm going out with you♪ I'm going out with you♪", but I can't show you the real me.

So yeah?I'm scared... what?are you OK?I'm a little scared~ I appealed and answered.

However, I felt that my true feelings had finally been sought.

So, we always meet in the hotel lobby, but on that day, I was called directly to the room, skipping the lobby.

Of course, my heart is pounding. (I'm really looking forward to it.)

When I entered the room, for some reason, my dad was wearing a bathrobe.

Actually, I was shown this... a rope.

Yes, it's a so-called binding.

I involuntarily reacted to my dad saying that I was scared, and said that I had never done anything like this before.

But this is a big lie.

In the past, I have experienced it many times in my private life, and if anything, it is my favorite play. (smile)

Papa asks me to look apologetic.

I was tied up reluctantly (I'm really excited.).

Was my reaction wrong?After that, the dad stopped asking me to play like that.

Do any of you who are working as dads have this kind of experience?I think it's a really rare thing, and I don't think even women talk that much about the sexual circumstances of dad activities.

So, a few days later, my best friend, who is working as a dad, happened to invite me to lunch.

Thinking that this was an opportunity to ask her about her sexual circumstances, I mustered up the courage to tell her about me.

Then what?On the contrary, I was unexpectedly told that I wasn't expected to be abnormal that far because I was working as a dad.

I've been forced to go shopping with toys, and there's a lot I can't say here, right?said in a very good mood.

Eh~~ Is that so~?I reacted.

Didn't you say no?I asked.

Then, as expected, he said that he refused to play in the open air (sexual intercourse outside).

I don't have any experience with dad life, but wasn't I forced?When I asked her, it seems that she never forced herself to do something.

However, it seems that he was her friend, but it seems that it was a relationship with a man he met somewhere on a dating site, not through a dating club.

After all, the conversation with her calmed down when she said that it would be safe to go through the dating club.

She told me, "You've been able to hide your true nature well with your daddy activities."

I also have a relationship with every dad, so if I go into SEX mode, will my technique be exposed?I wanted to think

My character was slightly different from when I signed the contract, so I felt guilty every time after it was over. (In the end, SEX is a pleasure for women, so you can't hide it.)

I wonder if the image of me in Papa's mind has changed.And.

However, it seems that I still haven't found out who I really am, so I'm thinking of continuing my daddy activities as a character.

However, if my dad pushes me or I ask him to play unreasonably, I may end the contract.

Even if I can accept that, my feelings are that I want to keep my private life and work separate.

I wonder if I'm lucky that I haven't met a dad who wants to play weird until now.

After all, you can't investigate dating clubs that far, right?In particular, the men introduced by Universe Club are all really gentlemen.

When I think about it, I felt that sexual compatibility with my dad is important, even though it's a job.

I wonder if all the women who are working as dads are doing something abnormal?If you are a woman who is trying to live as a dad from now on.

It's not Papa Katsu to force people to do that kind of thing.

If Papa asks me, I can refuse and I can also consult with the dating club.

Don't worry.

The good thing about Papa-katsu is that it's a business centered on women, and you can do it from a woman's perspective, so you can say you don't like it.

I've said it many times, but if you want to do dad activities, definitely use the dating club. (You should definitely stop doing daddy activities with the app)

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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