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No need to be big tits!The part that men think and feel the sex appeal of women

It is said that men fall in love with women with their eyes.
Chest burn!Butt burn!Even if you don't show off your femininity, you can casually show off your sex appeal by showing off the parts that make you feel femininity.

In an erotic manga I saw the other day,When I went to a joint party with excitement, my perverted mother was there”.
well if that's allmother thingThis is a common story, but the clothes of that lascivious mother are amazing,Half of the breasts are out of the off-the-shoulder knit

"When I went to a joint party, my mother (and also a slut) was on the girl's side", so it's a ridiculous fantasy setting, so it feels like it's possible to have half of your breasts out of your clothes, but if you wear that kind of clothes in reality, I'll report you. It can be done.
In the first place, a decent man will consider you to be a "bad exhibitionist" and won't approach you.
It is vulgar eroticism to show too blatantly in the 3D world.
Furthermore, in Japan, the hurdles for what is considered "erotic" in terms of clothing are lower than in other countries. Also.

Under such circumstances, an elegant appeal can lead to showing not only sex appeal but also a higher-grade elegance.
Even if you make a mistake, it's an elegance that can't be put out by a slutty mom who is excited to go to a joint party where her beloved son participates.
This time, I will introduce the parts that make you feel such sex appeal.


Representative of femininity (?) Nape

First and foremost is the nape.
After all, a beautiful nape has the power to naturally attract men's eyes.
Women naturally have less body hair from the neck to the back, and that alone makes them feel beautiful.
In particular, the beautiful nape of the back where the hairline can be clearly seen is a Yamato Nadeshiko beauty that men do not have.
However, of course, it doesn't mean that you can't grow hair on your neck at all.If you put the shaver on your neck and back as a trial, you can see that the downy hair can be shaved even though it is thin and thin.When I was triumphantly showing my neck, behind my back, "woman with a lot of hairIt was thought that ... It is essential to treat with hair removal cream and hair removal so that it does not become sad.

Also, in order to make it look like a beautiful nape, a careful set of hair is also necessary.
Even women are attracted to the nape that can be seen glimpsed in a beautiful party roll, Kururinpa, and ponytail, but if the hair is messy, no matter how beautiful the nape is, it is more beautiful than saying, "It's a beautiful nape." My hair is messy."
If you want to show your nape but are not confident in your hair arrangement, it is safe to keep your hair to one side.


Collarbone as a Weapon of Delicacy

Speaking of sex appeal points along with the nape, the clavicle.
A woman with a beautiful skeleton and a woman with a tight body with muscles will look better.
It can be said to be a symbol of healthy feminine beauty, so if you can appeal by wearing clothes that are not obnoxious, you will definitely leave an impression that you are a wonderful woman.
It is recommended to wear a necklace as it will make your clavicle look more beautiful.
If you are confident not only in the size of your collarbone but also in your breast size, you can create a fashionable look by wearing a necklace with a large design that you would not normally choose.Pearls give off a sense of ceremonial occasions, so other than that.


Beautiful nails that can also appeal to cleanliness

It is said that men are insensitive to women's fashion, but surprisingly, it is "nails".
When you think of nails, you think of nails, but even if you don't wear nails, if they're beautifully polished or cut short, that alone will give a good impression.
The beauty of the "hand" that touches various things is directly connected to the feeling of cleanliness, so even just simply polishing it is highly favorable.

By the way, there are male nails and female nails, and I have crunchy male nails.Elongated nails that are common in nail photos,How do you stretch it out like that?I'm seriously wondering.
Unfortunately, if you use a man's nail to extend it, it feels a little masculine and lacks the femininity of a woman's nail.
For that reason (I love deep nails in the first place), if the white part grows even a little, I cut it frequently, but that alone gives a neat impression.


Don't forget the "constriction" because you can't usually see it

Last but not least is the constriction.
Unlike the parts we've seen so far, the constriction isn't directly visible unless you're wearing clothes that expose your navel.
However, that's why you can become a more attractive woman by shaping up.
Even if there are many thin women, there are surprisingly few women with well-defined constrictions.

If you wear clothes that casually show off your curvy figure (snidel recommends), you can easily be recognized as a woman with an attractive style that is different from other women.Especially for confident women, it is also ant to wear a swimsuit boldly with a profile picture. (I can only recommend it to C and D type women...and I wore a swimsuit despite my slim body...)

In particular, many men in dating clubs are stoic, and women who maintain a beautiful figure tend to have a favorable impression.That's why models and CAs have been extremely popular for a long time.

Some women interpret the idea that "it doesn't matter if a man's type of woman is skinny or fat", but she doesn't take care of herself and gets dumped by men... Surprisingly, "I'm not skinny, but I have a feminine body" is not a body shape that you can create.The atmosphere and original skeleton of the person have a lot to do with it, so in the end, the best shortcut is to add a constriction.


in conclusion

This time, I dared to introduce the royal road parts.
In both cases, you can expect effective appeal to men by devising fashion and showing it casually.
Anonymous Question Box"Can I get an offer if my breasts are not big?"The question is posted, but there is no such thing.
The pretty nape, collarbone, and feminine waist have an indescribable charm that is not found in just large breasts.
All of them are parts that shine with sophisticated fashion,Rather, there is a high possibility that you will receive an offer from a male member with a higher level.
Please get an offer with a delicate appeal.

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