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2 years of mistress life, priceless memories [Best 5]

I think the direct benefit of being a dad is "money", but there are many other good things.
This time, other than "money""Priceless"Can also be said"Best Memories"I will write about


#1 I rented an apartment

“I want to know my market value as a woman.”
This is the reason why I started working as a dad.the"Condominium contract" as one goalhad.How happy I was when I got to know him and the conversation progressed with a bang.
I didn't go as far as Tawaman♡ in Roppongi, but they rented the top floor of an apartment (newly built) with a good view of Tokyo Tower in Minato Ward under my name.Initial expenses such as down payment, monthly rent are all paid by him.For now, I can only thank you. (previously wroteArticles on condominium contractsPlease also see

"Status" then, "News" now, Ranked in my No. XNUMX memories of my mistress days!is.

2nd place Travel companion nationwide

He was the president of a manufacturing company.There are branches (dealers) all over the country, and I was always flying here and there with me.I often traveled from Tohoku to south to Kyushu prefectures.
When I go on business trips, my position is "secretary" or "company employee".Together with him who is the president,be treated at a business trip destinationgood status.For a business lunch at a well-known famous restaurant, or a cruising dinner with a course meal at night...
If you were just a regular office worker, you would never be able to have this kind of experience.Since I had work on weekdays, I could only go on business trips on Saturdays and Sundays.Medal for my womanhood.

3rd place I was allowed to appear on the radio for a year

the company he representsradio show sponsorAs such, I was involved in several recordings.At the beginning of our relationship, I was invited to "Come and see the recording studio", and I was just observing.
However, at first, "this child is an apprentice director", but the sponsor company's abuse of authority (?)"Let this child be a personality too"With that statement, I entered the recording booth and sat side by side with the professional announcer and guests to speak into the microphone.

I was allowed to appear regularly for one year on two biweekly programs on FM stations in 〇 prefecture and △ prefecture.Recorded at a studio in Higashi Ginza on the weekend.It was hard for me to work on weekdays, but the recording started early in the morning.Enter the studio by taxi and say "Good morning"It's not something you can easily experience, so I'm grateful.


No. 4 Entertainment for celebrities

When I went on a business trip to the north or south of the country, I was on the side of being "hospitable", but sometimes I worked with the president as the "president's secretary" to entertain business partners and customers.At first, I was unfamiliar with the "hospitality", and I was often clumsy, and after the entertainment, I was often warned by him, but that is also a good memory.

In his personal connections, people from the entertainment world also come and go,I couldn't believe my ears when I was told, "I'm going to have dinner with Mr. A on the weekend, so come with me."often. (Eh, that's Mr. A, isn't it?) While I was nervous, I carefully selected clothes and made up, and I remember when I entertained him in the huge VIP room of "Sukiyaki Imahan" Kokusai-dori main store in Asakusa.
I was so nervous.He who lifted "Mr. A" to a degree that he had never seen before in human relationships, finallyI was handing over "Kin Ichifu"The scenery comes alive in my mind.
two years reallyI've seen many worlds....This is also a lover's privilege.


5th place I had my name given to a newly opened store

Becoming “something special” is something that makes women happy (even if they aren’t women♡).

When he entered his second year as a mistress,"Buy a building!"I said, "I already bought it!""I want to turn one floor of the street into a restaurant."talking toA man of action, he quickly recruited his acquaintances as staff and remodeled the floor into a casual coffee shop.
Since he was a close friend of the dealer, preparations for opening the store proceeded at a tremendous speed according to his wishes, and the only thing left was the "store name."He was asking around for ideas, butFinally, he said, "Do you want to use your name?".
On the day I visited to help with the pre-opening of the shop, I saw the sign that said [Coffee cafe 〇〇〇], and it's a secret that I was immersed in a sense of exhilaration alone (I didn't know I could have such an experience). .

I broke up with him, but I wonder if that shop is still there.



What did you think?

I'm not a multi-headed papa (that's the worst way to say it),exclusive and mistressI spent a lot of time with him, who was the company president.Also, if there is anything that could be a story about my experience at that time, I will write it.


In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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