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Conditions for dads who are popular in dating clubs


It is a must-see for men who want to be popular, who want to have a long relationship with a woman at a dating club, and who want to be a dad that women want to meet.


I have been working as a dad for XNUMX years and have met many men.

After all, there are various types of men, such as "I will decide not to meet this person depending on the amount of money..." "I want to meet this dad even if the allowance is low!" "I don't want to see this dad anymore."・” “I want to go out with my dad for a long time ♪”

And there are various things that women think depending on the dad.

Here, I will write an article about the conditions for men to be popular in dating clubs, while listening to my opinions and the opinions of women who are registered in dating clubs.


XNUMX. The most important thing is the first impression and conversation.

Women dress up and dress up when they are dads, so if you dress and look appropriate for being together, you can feel good when you meet them for the first time.Conversation is also important for long-term relationships, such as conversations that women are interested in and conversations that they do not get tired of listening to.

It's better not to suddenly talk about money, dirty jokes, and talk about women.

Even if it's a daddy activity, most women will pull back if they say or ask something that is not sensitive to a woman they are meeting for the first time.

If the first impression of the father is good and the conversation goes smoothly and the feelings are mutual, it will be a fun date, and it will be a father who wants to see you again, and it will be easy to have a good relationship.


XNUMX. There is a clear difference in dating places between popular dads and unpopular dads.

Daddy life is something that women can't say publicly, and it's also a place to test your worth because you get a date and receive an allowance.

Therefore, going on a date in a crowded young town, having dinner at an izakaya or a chain store, delivering food at home, etc. Dates where women go with their friends are not rated as “popular dads”.

In fact, a woman who had such a date as her father said, "I went on a date in a town with many young people and wanted to go home early because I was worried about the eyes of others", "A cheap izakaya I've been to with a friend was a date place and I was disappointed", " There were various opinions such as "It's disappointing to see that you are trying to save food costs at convenience stores and delivery."

For that reason, if you choose places that are expensive and likely to make women feel better, such as high-end restaurants that young women can't usually go to, afternoon tea at hotels, shopping dates at luxury brands, etc., they will leave a good impression on women. I'm looking forward to the next date and the next date.


This is a small detail, but it is also a high point not to show the bill after the meal.

Basically, the dad pays for the meal, but many women thought that a man who didn't show the checkout was cooler.After finishing the meal, ``waiting for the bill behind him'' and ``when he gets a receipt (I know it's an expense)'' doesn't apply to a cool dad.Not all women said this, but it was what half the women thought.So maybe it's a little cool?Even if I think that, I honestly think it's cool for women, so if the woman leaves the seat or pretends to go to the restroom and finishes the checkout, it will be seen as a man and a dad.

It will change to a better way to be seen by women.

And when you present something that a woman wants or likes on a casual day or on her birthday, you will be overwhelmed with joy.After all, women are happy to receive any number of gifts.


What made me happiest was when I was on a casual date that wasn't even a birthday, I was surprised when I received a present that I wanted this on the last date, and I was surprised as a man.

I also give my dad a necktie on his birthday.


XNUMX. Finally, the frequency of contact with women.

It's just a dad life.Men and women have their private lives too.

There are various types of women, such as things they don't want to know, times they don't want them to contact, and people they don't want to contact unless they have a date.


The most popular opinion among women was that there were too many calls from dads.is what they said.I felt like there were a lot of single dads, but every day, I was contacted with "daily reports", "What are you doing?" Even if you are a good daddy, if you keep in touch with him frequently, he will wither away.In Papa-katsu, you can receive treatment when you meet, but when you don't meet, you don't receive treatment, so it's honestly hard to contact you frequently.

I'm attracted to dads who contact me for an appointment to meet a gentleman and have a fun conversation when I meet them.


I have summarized the conditions for a man who is popular at a dating club from ① to ③, but how much did you apply?

First of all, if you put this condition in the corner of your head and work as a dad, I think you can become a popular dad.

Most of the women said that they would like to have a long-term relationship with a popular dad who satisfies the conditions ① to ③.


Please use this article as a reference and become a popular dad and have fun as a dad♪

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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