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Surprising Papa Vigor

It's been pretty cold in Tokyo lately.

Especially at night, the temperature is almost freezing and the wind blows, so it's almost hell.

It's been a really hard time for people who are raynaud.

At times like that, at least I want to warm my pocket.

Even your wallet can't buy cold weather gear if it's cold.

Today's topic is something that came to my mind recently.

What are my abilities?

For example, is it suitable to stand out in public?Do you specialize in taking communication with people?or that kind of part. (There must have been something that caught everyone’s attention at one time)

Don't you think that the ability to honestly communicate is pretty important for dad life?Don't you think it's not suitable for those who are lazy?Don't you think it's not suitable for people who don't have any ability?Certainly, women who think that taking communication itself is troublesome may not be suitable for dad activities.

The reason is that people who find communication troublesome in the first place completely shut out radio waves from outsiders.

Besides, there is a possibility of causing trouble for Papa.

Despite the fact that he has gone to the trouble of becoming a daddy and is giving me pocket money, if it is only my own desires and my own self-centered thoughts, there is no way that we will be able to establish a mutual relationship.

In the first place, most dads have the impression of being lonely.

It's also a loner who is quite old.

That's why I have the impression that there are many cases of men who are dads because they want some young woman to be their partner.

It's troublesome to interact with such people despite receiving money.

From a woman's point of view, I think it's better to quit daddy activities, and I'd like to deal with all the men who are suffering from such troubles.

If it were me, I would never make such cold exchanges, and I am confident that I will entertain them every day.

However, what I want to say this time is the part of "people who have no ability".

Regarding this, isn't it a part that people who want to start dad activities from now on will be quite a wall and worry?

Of course, there must be quite a few people who are worried even if they are already working as a dad.

For example, in terms of nuances, is it really me?I don't have any aptitudes, and have I been able to give something back to Papa?Or aren't you just annoyed by your opponent?Or what do I have anyway?Or something like this.

Please do not worry about this.

It may be my personal feeling.

However, while I've been working as a dad until now, isn't it more suitable for people who don't have anything than people who have something?There are many things to think about.

I would like to introduce two reasons for this.

1. It's good because it doesn't fit into the shape

Women these days have some amazing talents.

For example, you can speak English, have some trivial knowledge, be good at computers, or be quick to hit your smartphone.

However, if a person has such a one-sided nature too much, he/she may become stubbornly stubborn when it comes to his/her specialty.

Honestly, I think it's a hindrance in my dad life.

The reason is that useless stubbornness can lead to quarrels with Papa and a bad mood.

Almost 9% of dads are older than women.

A certain amount of respect is necessary for those who have lived longer than us.

Under such circumstances, it is outrageous to put pressure on others just because you are good at this field.

Certainly, I think it's good to speak proudly.

Because I'm good at it.

However, the act of showing it off to the other party or making it look bossy is a small person as a person, and it is not a position to ask someone for something.

In particular, it is not an act that should be done to dads who are helping with money like papa katsu.

On the contrary, "zero aptitude", which has nothing, is not bound by the form, and the papa himself can bring out the qualities of the woman, so the papa's side of fun increases.

Therefore, it can be said that he is an easy partner for Papa, and in fact, in that sense, Papa has never disliked me because I have no aptitude.

In particular, my dad looks lively when he's teaching me something.

Therefore, please remember that there is a high possibility that "no talent = unsuitable for daddy" rather than "no talent = unsuitable for daddy".

2. Ignorance is a weapon

Do you know this sometimes when talking to Daddy?Or don't you know something like this?There are so many topics.

That's why sometimes I pretend not to know even if I know.

What is it?

Is there a difference in how the brains of men and women are built in this regard?

Don't women and men tend to seek out people who have a lot of knowledge?I am one of them.

This gives the impression that people of the same age or younger who have a large amount of knowledge are more likely to lead a good direction than ignorant people even if they have a good idea of ​​what to talk about and have a conversation.

Even in my private life, I like older people because people of the same generation and younger people don't want this, so I've only dated older people until now.

However, this is only a woman's opinion.

I feel that men tend to have the opposite pattern.

Especially when I'm working as a dad, I really feel it.

That's why there are quite a few cases where women who have a lot of strange knowledge look down on their dads and get into arguments. (The women around her who are working as dads are always like that and see them arguing with her dad.)

Well, it's true that from a papa's point of view, he doesn't want to be instructed by a young woman like us, he doesn't want to be sloppy with his thin trivia, and I've heard that some women even preach.

I think it's stupid if you ask me.

I think that the standing position of a papa and a woman who works as a papa is a relationship that people understand without explaining.

That's the extreme story, the one who receives the money and the one who gives it.

And even though he doesn't even live longer than Papa, he talks with Papa by brandishing knowledge that he doesn't know who he heard from.

It's an impossible situation for me to say.

Rather than that, it should feel good to say that I don't understand anything, because the other person can say something from a position of teaching them.

To be honest, if you are working as a dad, it should be fine for women to consider putting you in such a position.

Also, ignorance, as most dads are aware, also leads to a lot of empty space for stuff.

This is a pretty good deal for a dad.

So, don't forget the part "ignorance = weapon of dad activity".

If there is a woman who is struggling with the above part while working as a dad, I would like you to think positively, especially for women who want to start working as a dad.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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