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How to earn money through dad activities Vol.2


avoid unnecessary spending

This is my way of thinking as a father, so it may not apply to everyone, nor is it necessarily a model answer.

This is just my way of doing things, so please understand that before proceeding.

When I was working as a father, I realized that I had to spend a lot of money.

First of all, do you take a taxi when you go out?Would you like to ride?start from.

If you've been a father for a long time, you've probably all experienced this, but once you switch from a train to a taxi, you end up excluding the option of going back to the train because of how convenient and easy it is. , I can't go back.

I was the same way when I first started working as a dad.

When I was working during the day, trains and buses were my usual means of transportation, and my boyfriend at the time didn't have a car either.

So, if you want to get around, use trains and buses.

This was the only choice I had, and even if I was late, I would generally go home at the time the train was scheduled.

This was a habit ingrained in my body.

However, once she started earning more money through her father's job than her daytime job and was able to receive travel expenses from her father, she began to use taxis unnecessarily and learned how easy it was.

This means that the standard of living has become impossible to lower.

Then, taking a taxi became commonplace, and at the end of his life, he would end up taking a taxi even if it was only a 10-minute walk from the station. (My friends around the same age were slightly disappointed.)

Of course, since this is a private matter, I cannot claim the father.

And taxis are just the beginning.

When you go somewhere in your daily life, don't you always bring a drink with you?I always bring a drink with me.

However, when I was working during the day, it was customary for me to go to the supermarket and buy something as cheap and good as possible, such as water, and I usually brought something that I had chilled at home.

However, since I first started working as a dad, I got into the habit of buying the most expensive water at a nearby convenience store or a decent supermarket, even though I didn't know the taste.

I think the desire that I couldn't afford when I was an office lady was exploding.

However, as I work as a father, it becomes somewhat normal.

Besides, it's an afterthought, but the dads I'm dating are basically wealthy.

That's why I remember seeing good things from my dad.

Oh, is this something delicious?Or is this a luxury item?And.

If you do that, you will naturally get into the habit of buying it.

Even though it's something that's obviously unnecessary for your life or doesn't match your financial situation, you end up getting it regardless.

This is because there is a lack of planning in which the allowance you expected remains in your pocket.

This is exactly what I learned while working as a dad: If I wanted to keep more of my allowance, I should maintain the somewhat stingy spending habits I had when I was an office lady.

If you continue spending haphazardly during your father's life, you won't really have anything left in your pocket.

In the first place, since I'm working as a dad, I think I can get basic taxi fare if I talk to my dad.

However, what I want to say is that you should not get into the habit of taking taxis.

I don't ride in everyday life, but it would be nice if it could be divided into ``I only ride when I go to see my dad for daddy activities.''

There are very few people who can clearly tell the difference.

No matter how you look at it, taxis are convenient and easy.

If you can't do that, I think it's better to continue the habit of riding the train and live the life of a father. (Based on my experience)

I guess it's the idea of ​​being stingy with anything other than what you can claim from your dad.

This means of transportation for women alone makes a huge difference in their monthly expenses.

The same goes for things you usually buy.

In my opinion, you should never forget your life as an office lady.

For some women, their income increases considerably when they become fathers.

Is it okay to spend this much because my income will increase?A naive thought like that will always arise.

But make no mistake.

When most women start becoming fathers, the first thing they do is change their place of residence. (Moving and upgrading)

At that point, your expenses will be much higher than if you were working a day job.

Human beings have greed and want to show themselves high.

If you are a dad, there is a high possibility that you can easily achieve that goal.

However, if you don't have much savings left, what's the point of being a dad?I would like to ask.

However, I think you can understand that the more you reduce your expenses, the more you can save.

Speaking from my past self.

I had a contract with two dads at the time.

Also, each of the two dads received a monthly allowance of 30 yen (60 yen in total).

However, after subtracting rent, utilities, food, and transportation expenses, they were left with about 30 yen.

But don't forget about taxes.

I would like to talk about the fact that father activities also require tax. (National health insurance is also paid monthly)

That's the total amount for the year, but if you do that, the amount of money you actually have left is not that different from when you were an office lady.

In terms of money alone, I'm making more money than when I was an office lady, but since my standard of living has increased, I feel like I'm able to save more money than when I was an office lady.When I said that, it felt really weird.

During my time as an office lady, I earned 26 yen in take-home pay, and after rent (7 yen at the time), it was 19 yen.

Utilities and other expenses total around 1 yen since I spend more time outside than when I was working as a father. (By the way, since I started working as a father, I spent more time at home, so my electric bill alone was over 1 yen.)

I think you understand at this point.

No matter how active you are as a father, if your expenses are high, it's meaningless.

If you want to definitely earn a high income through daddy activities, don't raise your standard of living.

I think this is the most important thing.

By the way, since I started calculating my income and expenses, the number of dads I have contracts with has increased compared to before, and of course my income has also increased, but my standard of living is still at what I think is the ``calculated level''. I am keeping it.

Thanks to this, we have been able to maintain a considerable surplus.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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