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What you get from being a dad Vol.2


get something invisible

When I'm working as a dad, my dad shows me things I've never been able to see before.

The same goes for high-end restaurants and travel.

You'll always end up with a few more options that you wouldn't normally choose with your own pocket money.

This might just be me, but isn't this a view that you can't see unless you're active as a dad?I think.

Especially if you are young, the scenery will be even more spectacular.

Of course, this may be a common sight for young female entrepreneurs and children from families.

But to me, who grew up in an ordinary home, everything seems special.

Meanwhile, what exactly am I getting from being a dad?I've been thinking about it every day lately.

I started talking about this often with my dad.

Maybe he's getting used to being a dad?Or is it because I have become an adult and have a little more leeway?Or is my dad, who I'm dating, guiding me down a good path so that I can think that way?If you think about it, there's no end to it.

When I started working as a father, I now live in an apartment that costs three times as much in rent as the apartment I lived in when I was an office worker.

I didn't even want brand-name items, so I got them through Papakatsu.

When I go out to eat with friends, I often buy something for myself, and when I go home, I can buy a gift for my parents. (If I buy things that are too expensive, I get worried, so I try to keep my prices low, but I actually have a desire to buy expensive things.)

I am now able to send money home to my parents.

Maybe it would have been a natural thing to do if I had been promoted enough at my age.

However, when I started working as a father, I didn't have any qualifications or anything.

The only person there was someone who could speak English.

Well, I was working as an office lady at a foreign company.

The salary I received wasn't much.

It's a shame compared to my father's life.

However, the more I earn, the more I wonder what I'm really gaining from being a dad.That's a lot of thinking.

So I did a lot of profiling myself.

Then, I gained many things.

First of all, try to improve yourself.

I don't think I would have done this if I hadn't been active as a dad.

From the beginning, I had a boyfriend and others in my private life, but I didn't make much effort to improve my appearance.

The reason was that I had a strong desire to see myself as I am now.

Also, the boyfriend I was dating at the time didn't say anything.

However, for the first time in my life as a father, things didn't go that way.

She begins to think first about how to get men to like her.

So how important is the first meeting?It sinks in and you begin to understand.

Then, naturally, she began to improve her appearance by putting on more makeup.

Honestly, these are the parts that you notice on your own, but you can't see them.

So what was the result?It was a clear advantage for me, and naturally it has become a commercial tool in my father's life.

This is an intangible thing I gained from being a dad.

From a woman's perspective, isn't it something that money cannot buy, including motivation?That's what I think.

I also got into the habit of going to the gym.

When trying to improve your appearance, the next thing you think about is maintaining your style.

I've been going to the gym every week for years, even though I never lasted long at anything.

This, too, would never have happened if I wasn't active as a dad.

Inevitably, when you date your father, it becomes a physical relationship.

When I do that, I feel a desire to look good.

After all, that desire will directly lead to an increase in your allowance, and by showing yourself better, you will be able to look at me for a long time without getting tired of it.

Don't you think this is important for women, regardless of their fatherhood?There's no doubt that I realized this because I was active as a father.

I think in private life, I would probably think about the direct benefits of improving myself first.

Of course, if you have a boyfriend, you can give reasons like for him.

But I don't think it will last long if it's just that.

However, when you think about it as a job, I think it's easier to organize things in a simple way: ``Because I worked hard on this, I will be rewarded this much.''

In other words, there's money in it.

But in the end, even more than the monetary reward, seeing your body improve is a feeling of satisfaction.

As for the gym, where should you put the entrance?That might be the case.

I wonder if it might lead to an increase in my allowance?I started it for that reason, but the result is self-satisfaction, so I am getting more than just a reward in my father's life. (When I was asked if I had increased my allowance after my body was completed, I was told that I had not received anything from my father at that time.However, when I signed a contract with a different father, he set a higher allowance than the previous father.) However, I was able to sign the contract without any problems.)


When I was in a private relationship with a man my age in the past, I didn't think much about the question, ``How am I perceived?''

But for the first time, I started thinking about being a father.

The reason is that there is an age difference between me and my father.

My behavior might cause trouble to the older man (father) I'm with.

I started to care about this when I started thinking about being a dad as a business.

For example, if I'm at a restaurant and I behave like a child to the staff, there's a possibility that it will cause trouble for my father, right?If it's private, you can ignore it, but if it's business, it's definitely not allowed.

For that reason, I remember looking at the internet and studying to avoid saying unnecessary things and to be able to play the role of an adult woman as much as possible. (I think it probably comes naturally now.)

I think this is also a skill for women.

Isn't there a big difference in women's dignity, including the dignity of women, as they get older and when they don't get this?That's what I think.

When you think about it, it's amazing.

It's interesting when you actually think about the various things you can gain from being a dad.

What are you getting once?I want you to think about it.

This may give you the energy to become a father in the future.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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