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GW is quite important for dad life Vol.1


GW has finally arrived

For a woman who works as a dad, GW is a very important period throughout the year.

This year, some companies have 10 consecutive holidays including paid holidays.

Foreign companies don't seem to have much to do with it, but domestic companies should have a fairly long holiday.

Why do I care about this GW period?There are a lot of people who work other than dad life, right?The so-called OL industry, etc.

For women who are doing daddy activities on the side, it can be said that it is "a period in which they can fully devote themselves to being a daddy."

I am no exception.

Daddy activity = For me who is working at work, it is not "GW = just a day off".

Many of the dads I contract with have retired from their companies at almost retirement age, and many of them are devoted to executive positions, so even if I say GW, it doesn't feel that special.

However, there is one person who is still active and working.

And I've been dating him for two years.

The allowance I receive from that papa is also a considerable amount throughout the year, and I also receive presents as it is, and I have built a good relationship with him in return.

This year, I plan to spend only two days of GW with him.

After that, I plan to spend time with another dad.

Even so, from my point of view, GW doesn't feel very special to me because I usually do daddy activities regardless of weekdays or holidays.There are things that are said by friends around me.

That's a big mistake.

Why?The reason is simple.

Especially in Japan, it is unexpectedly expensive during this period, including travel expenses everywhere.

By daring to focus on that and spending time with Papa, we can always enjoy a different atmosphere from each other.

Everyone around me goes on overseas trips with my dad, and basically we have a tacit understanding of each other, and during this period, we are absolutely unable to contact each other.

It seems to be a consideration for my dad who is with me on the spot. (I am the same)

To put it bluntly, women who work as dads shouldn't miss this period.

If you are invited to travel abroad, it is better to go, and domestic travel is also fine, so conversely, you can also invite from here.

I don't know if this is my way of being a dad.

Rather than a one-night, two-day trip, spending more than two nights with my dad loosens up his mind.

To put it simply, there are many patterns that are in a good mood. (in my experience)

That's why it's easy to beg when you negotiate an allowance or want something.

In fact, on weekdays when there's nothing going on, isn't it a bit difficult for women to take action?You have to look at Papa's complexion and say something, and it's hard to recommend something with the feeling of the mood of the moment. . .

But isn't it possible to easily say things you can't normally say when you take advantage of the world's excitement and excitement?Every year, I try to make the most of this atmosphere.

In particular, this year is the end of Corona, the wearing of masks is gone, and the people of the world are changing from darkness to light.

Isn't it a loss not to use this in dad life?That's what it means.

In particular, many of the men who are dads are older and care a lot about the media. (So-called, we rely heavily on information such as TV.)

Even if you look at the comprehensive part that said so, this year's GW is a considerable target for women who are working as dads.

GW should not be limited to one person

In my case, some dads plan to keep me to myself.

I refuse to do so immediately.

The reason for this is that, in my experience, it is often better to have a longer contract with one dad. (This is when calculating the total amount of annual allowances and gifts.)

However, depending on the woman who has a long vacation and has several dads, it is more beneficial to get along with multiple men.

If you let one dad do all the work for you, even if you feel good on the first day, on the second and third days, you won't feel the excitement you had on the first day, and the other person's purse strings will get tighter and tighter. come.

After all, every dad looks best when they meet on the first day, and the purse strings are loose.

And he listens well to this story.

This is what I thought while working as a dad for several years.

So, women who are under contract with several dads should definitely schedule a meeting so that they can meet all of them if possible.

In particular, there are surprisingly many women who are making dads in rural areas, right?In that case, you need footwork to go to the countryside.

In fact, I plan to go to Kyushu and Kansai during GW.

Shinkansen and airplanes are quite crowded, but I make a schedule in advance and I try to move.

Especially this year, I expected that people in the world would move a lot because of the long consecutive holidays, so I consulted with my dad more than two months in advance about the schedule.

If I were to make a personal remark, I'd go see my dad in Kansai, but I even have plans to go on another trip to Kansai with my dad in Tokyo.

Some women may find it troublesome.

However, being a dad is a job, and I think that the time I spend with my dad is very precious.

As long as you think so, I think it's Hana.

After Golden Week, I feel that the atmosphere will definitely cool down a little, so I think that we should not miss this time of year.

In the first place, the number of women working as dads has really increased.

That's why I have to thank you for signing a contract with me while there are many rivals.

Including that kindness, I try not to feel stressed even if I go to the same land with a different papa.

However, if you don't get on a vehicle, you won't get to that place.

Only the congestion may make you feel stressed.

However, I would like to hope that my dad will take care of me.

It would be nice if the allowance increased during GW this year.

During this period, when my dad buys the things I want, my motivation for my dad goes up.

Let's enjoy it together, everyone who lives as a dad.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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