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An increasing number of women undergo plastic surgery while working as dads


what about plastic surgery?

Recently, the topic of plastic surgery has increased considerably around us.

Compared to other expenses, plastic surgery is particularly expensive, so among my office lady friends who work during the day, it is just a conversation.

For example, “I want to clean this place =”, “I don’t like this place because it stands out”, “I have a complex, so I want to change everything”.

If you let me say, eh?do you care that much?I look at it and think.

Also, personally, I am a negative person when it comes to plastic surgery.

First of all, one of the reasons for this is that, as far as I have heard, there is no fixed answer to the question, "What is the purpose of plastic surgery?" The impression that the majority.

Because it's plastic surgery?Something is hindering your life, or you can't work without something.

I can understand why you said that, but most people don't like a little bit of make-up, or they don't like things with a little wipe.

And, as a result, I have seen quite a few cases close to me where I didn't care about something that had nothing to do with it, and then didn't stop.

And papa katsu is used for such plastic surgery.

First of all, as I said earlier, plastic surgery is quite expensive.

Even though it is a so-called investment in yourself, a considerable amount of money will be applied in your life.

That's why an OL during the daytime is a lofty flower that you can't get your hands on.

However, papa-katsu-women are different.

To be honest, if you are doing dad activities normally, the amount you would be able to reach basically.

No, even if you don't use the money you've earned, there's probably a way to ask Papa to give it to you.

I'm honestly daddy life and how about plastic surgery?That's what you think.

Apart from that, I don't mean to take care of the body that my parents gave me.

I mean, it's the same with tattoos, right?However, the image of most people who have tattoos is that most people have meaningful content on their bodies. (Of course, this is my understanding.)

However, I think there are many people who have seen people who overdo plastic surgery on TV, etc., but aren't they already different people?Is that really what you wanted to be?That's what I feel.

This is my opinion as a woman.

However, I think there is a boundary line even if I say plastic surgery denial.

For example, what about orthodontic treatment?And.

That too, if you change the way you say it, it will be plastic surgery.

So it's hard to say or define this problem.

In my mind, can I forgive myself as a woman by looking at my surroundings to some extent?there is a range.

This is what I actually talked to my dad about.

In fact, there were many men who said that they would pull back women who had too much plastic surgery.


I wonder if liposuction is still a better option for plastic surgery?I think

I think that there are people who cannot exercise in their daily lives, or who tend to gain weight easily, and this is an eternal theme among women, "How to deal with it?"

If you don't eat at all, it's bad for your health, and if you develop anorexia, it's a big deal.

However, eating makes you fat.

Well, even if you're told to become a vegetarian, you can't become a human being.

I wonder if it's good to solve the troubles that said so with liposuction.

Every man said, "Isn't it a level that doesn't say plastic surgery?"

Especially around the abdomen and thighs, they don't usually fall off, and if you exercise, there is a high possibility that they will become bloated and hard muscles.

So, even if you put on an expensive trainer at the gym, it doesn't always fall off as you thought. (Even if the amount is cheap, it costs 3 to 6 yen a month.)

If so, I choose to suck the fat and get it trimmed with medicine.

I don't think it's a bad choice.

So, do I actually have liposuction?Never do it if you ask me.

Even if I was fat, I would go to the gym by myself.

The reason is that I'm afraid of the skin sagging after that, and how will it change when I get older?Because I'm afraid

No matter what kind of plastic surgery, I have never seen a woman who has aged after plastic surgery and thought that she was a "beautiful woman".

But is it?None?Speaking of which, is it possible to say from a woman's point of view?About

dark circles under eyes

This is of particular concern to women.

Have you ever seen someone with puffy eye bags and dark circles?I wonder if it's quite a lot lately.

It seems that there is a lot of fat under the eyes, which makes them look like they are puffed out and dark circles are formed.

In fact, people who really have dark circles stand out even more.

A friend of mine recently had this surgery.

When I actually saw her face after surgery, it was pretty refreshing.

I was also shown the fat that was removed, but it was quite grotesque, and a good amount was removed.

But that's just my lack of knowledge.

Surely that was a better plastic surgery?I thought.

Anyway, the dark circles under her eyes are no longer noticeable, and there are no puffiness, so she looks refreshed.

And, she said, the dark circles under her eyes didn't go away with makeup.

So to speak, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hide it.

However, after the surgery, I was happy that the worries that I said were gone.

And it seems that he was always giving the impression that he was tired. (Indeed, I remember him always looking sick.)

But after the surgery, I didn't feel that way at all.

From my point of view, the puffiness under the eyes, etc. should be covered by insurance.I thought about

After the surgery, however, she began to worry about the blemishes on her face next time.

That's why I immediately put a nail in there, saying, "You won't be able to stop plastic surgery? Why don't you wait and see how things go? You might regret it as you get older."

Plastic surgery seems to be really unstoppable once you get it for the first time.

I can understand the feeling that women want to be beautiful as the same woman.

But I'm really against becoming a completely different person, and I want him to quit being a dad because he wants to do that.

I mean, I don't think Papa wants that, and on the contrary, Papa will leave you, right?I think

It's my own money, so maybe I'm not the one to talk about it.

By all means, I thought that I would like you to reconsider yourself for plastic surgery.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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