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There are always some questions about dad life


A person who does daddy life without thinking about anything

Tokyo is very hot, which is great for me because I am sensitive to cold weather.

By the way, when you're working as a dad, you'll almost certainly encounter all sorts of problems, and you'll be faced with worries that you would never think of in other professions.

It's better to think that this is an inseparable relationship as long as you're doing dad activities.

I have a strange problem.

For example, your relationship with your father.

First of all, they are older than me.

That's why it doesn't work even if you date someone the same age as you, and our common sense doesn't work in the first place.

So, in the end, there's no way we can have a relationship unless one of us snuggles up to them.

I think my dad probably understands that too.

However, the age group on the father's side is stubborn.

That's why I'm in an age when I can't bow my head to people or say that I'm going to snuggle up and match something. (I wouldn't say everyone, but quite a few I've seen anyway.)

When that happens, it often begins to overturn the way of life that I have spent with my generation.

That's what I'm familiar with, a smartphone.

Nowadays, it is mainstream to use LINE to communicate with each other, and if there is even that, it will be enough.

So, it's not the age to call one by one and do spinach (reporting, contacting, consulting) like work.

If necessary, I think it's a generation that thinks, ``I can just type the stamped letters on the spot,'' and I think that's the mainstream now.

However, such common sense does not apply to dads.

If I only use letters, my dad might call me 'rude' or 'cold'.

That is not all.

In some cases, there are dads who even think about canceling the contract if it is only the line.

Certainly, people who are accustomed to making phone calls with only LINE may consider it "cold" or "rude".

However, the person who typed the letters had no intention of doing so. (Especially to the opposite sex.)

And, above all, how do they eliminate "waste of time, money and effort"?That's where I think the line came into play.

Above all, it can be said that the fact that it has become the "modern mainstream" itself is an "important communication tool that is necessary now." (Obviously more important than a phone call.)

In the first place, you can easily reply to the other party.

Also in real time. (Convenient enough)

However, it is only our generation who are familiar with smartphones who think so.

There is also the reality that the older you go, the less you understand. (Are you unwilling to learn?)

So-called seals are still used when receiving something at the post office or when making a passbook. (Japan is probably the only developed country)

Why?That's probably because there is still demand from the elderly.

Obviously, it would be more convenient to switch to IT and shift to fingerprint authentication, etc., and the reception should be more efficient.

But is it because they don't know how to use it or because they say they can't keep up with it?

You are giving up convenience.

Isn't it papa katsu to feel such a part every day?

Then, there was also a scene where I was irritated at first. (I'm used to it now)

Then, I think you can imagine that problems will start to break out from there.

Depending on the generation, the values ​​are the same, but honestly, it's painful that "natural" doesn't work.

Yes, most people feel it at first.

There are many situations where you have to exchange things with Papa by means that don't use things that humanity developed to save you trouble.

However, if you cut it only there, it will end with "papa life is troublesome" or "I do not know how to handle it when I am too old."

Human beings have to come up with solutions and ideas for everything and overcome the situation well, which leads to personal growth.

I think this is especially important for dad life.

The reason is, in the first place, dad life is a good business.

How can you control it comfortably?Don't you think it's an important part?Because Papa Katsu is a sole proprietorship.

I think everyone has their own way of getting through this. (It may be said that there are 10 ways if there are 10 people.)

As for me, I don't think anything of it.

Anyway, when you're in a space with your dad, you're bound to come across scenes that leave you full of questions. (That's right, the longer the contract, the better.)

So, I think it's important to say "don't take it as a question" or to say "nothing" for me.

It really is "no".

If I become "nothing", honestly even if my dad says strange actions and behaviors to me, I will only think "that's right", right?Perhaps, if you have "questions" or have a "rebellious spirit" at that point, it will develop into a problem, and in the end, only "questions" will remain in you, and you will spend time with your dad in a state where you can't digest them and remain in the corner of your head. matter.

Then the dad life itself becomes boring.

If you add to it, it will lead to things like "I can't be kind to my dad."

What happens then?

I won't be able to sign a long-term contract with my dad, and above all, my income will drop.

Then, it goes without saying that it will not work as a sole proprietorship.

I don't like thinking about things, so I stick to "nothing", but people around me practice different methods.

It's a way to say what you think and have a thorough discussion.

I definitely do not recommend this method.

The reason is that the female side should have absolute confidence in the male side.

Because no matter what you do, you can't leave a man.

Besides, I wonder if the relationship of saying what you want to say is something that a woman who has confidence in herself does in a daddy life.I think (Of course, if it is a relationship between the opposite sex of the same generation, it is an ant.)

how do you see that?I think it's divided individually, but I think that papa katsu is a service industry, so I feel like it's wrong to say this out loud.

So, I just accept the basics, and the rest is "digestion with nothing" is my style.

If you have a style of talking about what you want to say, and you can't maintain a good relationship with your dad.

You should try my method once.

Basically, you won't have any problems with your dad.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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