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Sumire's Dad Life Story ~Part XNUMX~


"Sumire's Papa Katsu Monogatari" is a story about a dad's life that I, the author, actually experienced. (2 parts)

A man I met when I started working in the night world as a student hostess became my daddy.

Meeting, happening, and parting with my dad...

I would appreciate it if you could know a lot about dad life through my experience.

student hostesses

When I was in my fourth year at university, I decided to work as a hostess for a year.

The reason I started"Life experience"And"For money".

Not long after I made my debut as a hostess,Lucky to get a big salary while drinking and talking!I thought, but the reality was not so sweet.

When there is no designated customer, the number of days to go to work is reduced, and I have to drink a lot of alcohol for help.

About two months after I started working,I want to quit...I found myself whining like that.

"Cabaret club = fun and earn money"I was so pitiful that I was looking at it sweetly.

Working days are gloomy, but you can earn more than a normal part-time job.

I was agonizing over the indescribable days, and just doing what I was instructed to do.

As I dreamed of a gorgeous world, the gap between reality and reality was painful.

meeting daddy

When I was in a slump, I met my dad.

Papa is a cabaret club customer.

It was used at a drinking party with business partners.

At first, I was like, “A good old man.”

"Don't drink!” Papa generously ordered delicious sake.

I myself was able to smile naturally and had a really fun time.

I exchanged contact information with my dad and the day ended.

Feeling good, I immediately called my dad.

"Thank you for today!It was a lot of fun!Come and have a drink again.'

It was a normal business email, but my dad contacted me right away.

"you're welcome!I will go again!I will contact you!'

It was short and refreshing, but I remember feeling a different atmosphere than usual.

Papa immediately came to visit the store.

A dad who makes cold jokes, sometimes "It's cold!” and got excited.

Papa, who goes to school once a week, was a savior for me, who was not enjoying being a hostess.

to dadI can do my best at work because I have a dad!thank you!How many times have I said,

Each time, Papa said, "king!Leave it to me!'' he said with a smile.

Papa is the president of a game-related company that has been around for generations.

I am of medium build and have thin hair.

An energetic dad who loves sports brands.

If you give him a cap as a gift when you are with him, he will wear it every time you come to the store.

About three months after I met my dad, I was approached by him with a proposal.

"Would you like to meet outside the store?"

The proposal was made on the day of accompanying work.

Dad suddenly said,If I'm going to spend money on the store, I'll spend it directly on Sumire-chan.So why don't we meet outside the store?' said.

It's a very happy story for me, but as a cabaret club, it's a NG act that falls under "behind the scenes".

I decided to work as a hostess for one year until I graduated from university.I'm very happy, but I can't answer that feeling right now.sorry.'' I told him.

Dad then laughed and said,That's true!I thought you would say that!Well then, when I graduate from being a hostess, I'll personally give you some pocket money!No problem then, right?'' he said.

Here's what my dad said

・ Supports hostess life until graduation from university

・Personal dating after graduating from university

It was a very lucky story for me, who thought that the rich life was only for the hostess period.

My dad gave me a lot while going to the store.

Taxi fares, luxury brand accessories, clothes...

"There is no problem if you go to the store, right?' he said, smiling as he handed it to me.

"Why on earth for me...?When I was full of such doubts, I asked my dad directly.

Then I got a surprising answer.

"Papa life is a status"

"There are many business owners around me who are doing dad activities.'

"That's why I wanted to sign a dad activity contract with Sumire-chan, but it's after I graduated from Miss Hostess!'

It was just around the time when dad activities started to become a hot topic, so it didn't come to mind at first, but men who could afford it thought that having a favorite girl was a status.

At first, I felt like I was being valued in terms of money, and I felt a little uncomfortable. Not only did I gain confidence in myself, but I was also able to become more positive about dad activities.

I decided to be proud of this situation, "I am being paid because I was recognized by my father."

Papa-katsu is what only girls can do.

And I told my dad,

"After graduating as a hostess, I want you to formally sign a contract as a dad!"When.

Hearing these words, Papa said, "of course!and readily agreed.

I felt like I had taken a big step.

to be continued

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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