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Half a year of dating club activities.How many dads have you met?How much money did you give me?


My name is Rachel.Medium build, short stature, raccoon face, presumed gold class *no, maybe standard* office worker in his 40s.She joined the Universe Club last year and started writing a column in September, this is her sixth.

Formerly a column for menDarling by Universe ClubI wrote 5 columns called [Mature member's true intentions] for.

What I've written so far is...

【1】When I went to the club interview for the first time
【2】What I thought through the experience of having a sexually transmitted disease
【3】sexual enjoyment
【4】A date with a male member T who I met at the club
【6】What happened in bed with Mr. T

Thankfully, my book published in Darling has been read by many people (PV number 1,000-2,500).

However, due to the launch of the column "Cinderella" for women at the Universe Club a few months ago, according to the club's policy, the female writers will be separated into Cinderella and the male writers into Darling.

So, I came to Cinderella with full satisfaction, but from this time on, I would like to approach the reality of the dating club for women, using things I felt from my experience.

On the other hand, I don't think I'm going to give advice to everyone in Cinderella from above.Please try to remember for a moment, a mature woman with a raccoon face.I'm not in a position to do that to others! (Dear club members, please don't categorize my column as "Advice"!)

Thank you very much.

*In Universe Club, women's appearance is divided into four classes.Gold is second from the bottom, standard is the bottom. "Probably Gold" means that the person doesn't know what class they are in, so "Gold" is just my guess.

Number of people met from the offer

■ How many men did you meet in half a year, and how much did you receive from them?
・Number of male members I met: XNUMX
・ Face value received from a man: Unfortunately, it did not reach three digits!
*Actually, I wanted to write a realistic face value (or rather, the reader would want to know that...), but I couldn't write it due to adult circumstances.very sorry.

■ Other numbers
Let's go into it a little more.
・ Number of offers: 2 (XNUMX of them were canceled by the other party)
・ Age of men (7) I met: 40s to 60s (40s: 1, 50s: 5, 60s: 1)
・ Number of dates: 32 times
・ Number of sex: 9 times
・ Number and age of sex partners: 3 (40s: 1, 50s: 1, 60s: 1)
・Male affiliated with International: 7 out of 1

when the offer comes

In my case, the offers were many at the beginning of my registration and dwindled over time.
I've never seen a male member page, but I heard that newly registered female members are displayed at the top of the screen, and the older the registration date, the lower they are displayed (please correct me if I'm wrong). .

It seems that the higher it is, the more often men will notice it.

Because one day something like this happened...


During the date with Mr. F, a man who has already met many times, he is somehow upset from the beginning.
It approaches me with triangular eyes.The whip is about to fly out!


"Wow, I have no SM experience! It's my first time!"


“Why did you edit your profile!?”

(Oh, wasn't it an SM play... A bit disappointing.)
But I have no idea why Mr. F is angry.


"Why did you edit your profile when I'm here!"

(Hmm? What do you mean by "I'm here"?...)
Due to his seniority, he is adept at dealing with threats from others.
Jealousy seems to be hidden in this story.
It's not something you say to an older man, but I think it's cute.


"Ah, if that's the case, I thought the word was strange, so I fixed it a few days ago... I thought the expression wasn't appropriate."


"Huh? You did it because you wanted an offer from another man anyway!"


"...Um, what do you mean? I don't really understand, can you tell me?"


If you listen carefully, it seems that if you edit the "Comments from women" section, your profile will appear at the top.If it is displayed at the top, as a result, it will easily catch the attention of other male members.
Mr. F saw the completely unintentional action of correcting the expression in the profile as "the action to get more offers".


"I'm sorry. I don't know at all."

"Yeah. Okay... I'm sorry. But there were some crazy girls who changed their profile after I made the offer. I canceled the offer. I made the offer." And you're still looking for another man!?"

During our first date, Mr. F boasted that he was dating multiple female members at the same time.
And yet, "You should date only me." (Selfish...)

I swallowed the words that came out of my mouth, tilted my head, smiled, and kissed him.

Perhaps because there are so many troubles like this, recently, after the first date is decided, the club will send the following LINE to the woman.

“There are many men who don’t like to comment, update their selfies after a date has been decided, add available dates to the calendar function, etc. Therefore, there are times when the date that has been decided is lost.Please be careful when updating (>_<)』

A different perspective reveals the existence of men who repeatedly browse the profiles of women who have already made offers.Mr. F, who was mentioned earlier, also said, "I save my profile on the home screen of my smartphone and look at it."

Well, I've digressed a bit, so let's get back on topic.
In my case, when the offer came,
1st month: 4 people (including 1 person who canceled from the other party),
2nd month: 2 people (including 1 person who canceled from the other party),
3rd month: 0 people,
4rd month: 1 people,
5th month: 1 person (At around this time, a man appears who says, "I've been hesitating for a long time, but I finally made an offer.")
6th month: 1 person

To be honest, the first month or two was difficult to manage.Somehow, without double-booking, I managed to make sure I didn't get the man's name, hobbies, background, or episodes wrong, and I got through it while being out of breath.

Thanks to you, I was able to hear interesting stories from him, eat delicious food, and take him to concerts, movies, and trips many times.She had many irreplaceable and irreplaceable experiences."Priceless experience with celebrities you wouldn't normally meet."This is the real thrill of dating clubs.

But the current pace (one offer per month) works better for me.About once a month is enough time to take care of each man and make him feel satisfied.Being able to take care of others makes me feel happy and satisfied.
I don't think at all that "it would be nice if there were more offers".

Number of dates, number of sex

In the past six months, I have the impression that there were surprisingly many dinner dates, and sex was much less than I expected.

Basically, it is a stance not to refuse an invitation to have sex.Still, I don't want to have sex with someone I'm not in love with, so I don't invite myself to bed.This "9 times" is equal to the number of times I was asked to have sex in half a year.

It seems to dry up.

Well, putting that aside, strangely enough, among the men I've been dating continuously, there is one (Mr. P) who doesn't even touch me. Does Mr. P want to have sex with me?

Or is Mr. P waiting for me to invite him?I don't know what he's thinking at all, but I'm going to have a fun dinner date while listening to him, and I'll receive several transportation expenses and gifts, and I'm sorry, but I'm going home refreshed.

Unfortunately, I am not in love with Mr. P, no matter how much he pays me.His body odor and bad breath block psychological approaches to him.

Rachel's honest woman's heart is that she can't say, "Thank you for everything. I'm giving you my body today!" to a man who is not in love.Rather than that, I will try my best to make you enjoy it to the fullest in places other than your body.It's a matter of course.

Also, even if you have already had sex, there are many men who invite you saying, "I only have time to eat, but I want to see you! I want to talk!" (And at the end of the meal, for some reason, I was told, "I'm sorry for just eating."

So I had 32 meal dates.

number of people who have had sex

If you define "inserting a male genitalia into a female genitalia" as sex and count it, the number of people in the last half year is 3 people.However, when considering the number of people who "inserted a man's finger into the female genitalia," the total number is five.One of the things I learned at the dating club was that there are many forms of deep communication between men and women.It's a pretty crude way of learning, though.

about money

You do not specify the amount yourself. Even if I am asked, "What are the conditions?"It's just a thank you gift from a man.However, I have never been sent home for free.

However, during the meal on the first date, I met Mr. N, a man who said, "I'll pay today, but from next time onwards, I'll be free."

I replied, "...I'll think about it for a moment."The only time I think it's free is when "I'm in love with him."

If I can fall in love with Mr. N on this date, I think the next one is free.If she refuses to date other men, she spends her precious time, and she is so in love with him that her efforts to be extra attentive and stylish are worth it.

As a result, I could not find Mr. N attractive enough to fall in love with him, so I declined a second date with Mr. N.

"Hey hey, is that your face?"
It's not that I'm being arrogant.It is the result of living honestly with my feelings.

I'm good at making it look like I'm in love, but it's rare that I'm truly in love.

Even if you meet 100 handsome celebrities, it is doubtful whether you will fall in love with one of them.Whether or not you fall in love depends on the character of the man (before that, "Isn't it smelly?" is the first barrier).

Then you don't stinkdo you have a good personalityIf you ask me, I don't know.
But this is all I know.In order to decide to date someone who is not in love, strong incentives are essential.

When it comes to "money," each man has a unique story to tell.

Even on Darling's side, "money" is a mine, and if you touch it, a petit flame will break out.

Maybe your legs will blow off.Nonetheless, I think that I would like to write a little more in depth.

The end


A married office worker in her 40s who travels the world with her creativity and charm. She has been writing as an outside writer for Universe Club since September 2017.Her hobby is random reading.Her reading range ranges from romance novels to business books to academic papers.She never reveals it to her dad, but she actually graduated from the University of Tokyo.

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