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Don't ever make mistakes in treating your dad when you're a dad Vol.1


It's natural to get along well with your dad.

As I work as a father, I have recently heard many stories about people around me getting into arguments with their fathers.

From a more familiar perspective, these are the children of my friends who are also active fathers.

I think it's common for people who are similar to each other to start hanging out when they are working as dads, including exchanging information.

After all, the only people who understand each other's work are those who know the place.

Even if you talk to a girl who works as an office lady during the day, you won't get along with her, and if you talk about her father's life, she'll always stop you.

Even if I talk to him about the details of his fatherhood activities and his relationship with his father, he has no intention of understanding in the first place.

Even though dad-hunting is still well-known in Japan, it seems that people have not yet caught up with the level of understanding. (This applies to both men and women.)

Meanwhile, when enjoying dinner with people with similar tastes, some topic always comes up.

That's the topic of ``I had a fight with my dad.''

From my point of view, why are we arguing?It can't be helped that it's a mystery.

Listening to the content, I think that almost 9% of girls are at fault.

Also, the majority of children who argue with their fathers are children who have been with their fathers for about one to two years.

It would be easy to talk about a child with a short history of being a father.

The content is also honestly boring.

For example, my dad didn't buy me something.

I spent too much money this month, so when I talked to my dad about it, he couldn't help me.

My schedule was busy and my dad would get upset if I didn't have time for him.

To be honest, I'm talking to my dad about things that even an elementary school student would understand and say, ``That's normal for me to get angry.''

From my point of view, being a dad is work, right?Is it a service industry?Because I felt that way, the people listening to me were even more surprised.

Some people may think that this is a rare case.

However, among women who are active fathers, there are children who have conflicts with their fathers on this level.

Perhaps there is a part of dad-hunting in which the woman is the main focus of being pampered by her dad.

That's why fathers also pamper women.

Up to this point, I understand, and in fact, I really feel like I'm being spoiled by my dad.

But I think there is a limit to what you can do as an adult.

But when being pampered becomes a daily routine, what is the limit for a person?I don't understand and feel paralyzed.

Then, she begins to think that if she tells her dad everything will be resolved.

When I'm working as a dad, I often see and hear about women who say this.

Have you ever heard that a father often bought an apartment while working as a father?From my point of view, is your head okay?I would think.

Certainly, there are women who say that, and among those who are active fathers, there are also those who have dreams.

But is that normal for dads?As someone who is actually working as a father, I can tell you that this is not a normal thing at all.

Also, even though I'm a dad, I don't think of it as a job where I can enjoy and get paid.

So, to be honest, I have doubts if it's normal for someone to buy an apartment, or if a job that's fun and earns money is the gateway to becoming a father.

Also, if only children with such thoughts start working as fathers, naturally the number of fathers will decrease in the future, right?I think that the world thinks that there are only women who don't have common sense at all, and that this is a father-hunting activity.I'm even a little worried.

Of course, there are many women who have common sense and are active as fathers.

However, the media and others focus on the absurd aspects, and women flock to them and start working as fathers.

If you ask me, it's a negative chain.

I've said it many times before, but unless we recognize that dad-katsu is a service industry, we won't be able to get the world to recognize dad-katsu as a job.

And how do these overly spoiled women who live as fathers view their fathers?My guess is that she only sees ATMs.I think.

At least, that's what it looks like when I look at their words and actions.

If that's not the case, wouldn't it be a nuisance if I said something like this to my dad?That should make your head spin first.

In the first place, the allowance I get from being a dad is probably better than anywhere else.

If you have only been a dad, you should realize this.

How blessed are you with the job of being a dad?That's what I'm saying.

I think that once you start working as a dad, you'll find working as an office lady during the day too stupid.

That's why there are no bonuses for children who work part-time instead of full-time.

I believe that being a dad is such a blessed job that once you start working as a dad, you always end up asking yourself, ``Why did I work so cheaply?''

Some dads even take them on trips.

Also, you can get an allowance just by accompanying them.

And maybe they'll give you a gift.

Does such a job exist in the world of work?There isn't.

That's why I have to dress accordingly, and I have to make an effort to please my dad.

It's obvious.

But unfortunately, there is a woman who gets into an argument with her father.

From my point of view, huh?Why are you getting paid?That's what happens.

In the first place, due to the system of dad-katsu, if you do it normally, there's no way you can get into trouble.

What do you think about your father's treatment?

I really respect my dad.

And I have nothing but gratitude.

Of course, it is true that I am receiving an allowance, and it may be said that the end of money is the end of relationships.

After all, it's a business.

But, if the business is going to continue, I think it's important to face the father as a person, and if the woman's selfishness is to be tolerated, then the father's selfishness must also be tolerated on the same level. .

The reason is that no matter how far I go, I will never be able to perform at the same level as my father.

Women must not forget the feeling that they are being taken care of when they are already receiving allowances.

Also, you should never force your own convenience on the father's life.

Isn't this the basics of being a dad?

I would like all women who are working as fathers to reconsider this aspect. (The main character is a woman who gets into a fight with her father)

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