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How to take care of yourself as a dad

Recently, I'm starting to have doubts about the name called papa katsu.

Anyway, I want you to stop calling me Papa-katsu.

Don't you think that the name of the world's dad life is half-hearted?Personally, I wonder if it feels like a love day service.

When I hear the DAY service, I get the feeling that I'm employed in some country, and in fact, I think that the name fits because it's a service that cares for people who are fairly old.

On the other hand, I feel like I'm being looked down upon by the world because I'm strangely called Papa-katsu.

I feel like saying this is discrimination.

Well, what I want to tell you today is how do you shift your feelings towards dad activities?That's what I mean.

Depending on the woman, there may be people who meet with their dads without thinking about anything, and there should be people who plan carefully and go through the process of meeting with their dads, such as monthly money.

In my case, I'm the type to think basically.

However, even if I think about it, I'm not that smart, so which dad can get how much per month?Or how much income do you need to earn each month?is the main

But, in reality, it's no good if it's just this.

The reason is that dad life is interpersonal.

So to speak, the situation can change as much as you like with papa's tweaks, and if I do something rude, there's a possibility that my income will be zero in the first place.

The biggest fear in dad life is the cancellation of the contract with dad.

Basically, without it, you can somehow pick it up.

However, there is nothing I can do when my dad tells me to cancel the contract.

There is a possibility that it will be useless if you do not draw and review the contract contents and do not contract with a very cheap amount.

However, women who are active as dads have a basic image of having high pride, and I recognize that I am one of them.

So basically I don't want to sell myself cheap.

That's why, if Papa comes up with some inconvenient terms, I think there are many cases where the basic contract becomes a blank slate, and I'm the same.

Because that's right.

It would cool down if it suddenly changed from 20 a month to 15, and I can't drink under such conditions.

Depending on the woman, there are people who meet frequently and have a physical relationship.

From such children, it is impossible.

But this is a common story.

But there must be a way to prevent this from happening.

That is, to satisfy Papa as much as possible and to have Papa think of me as a good woman.

Even if you can do these two points, it won't be a story of canceling the contract, and there is a possibility that the contract will be contracted with more conditions than before.

The reason is that from my father's side, I don't want to let go of him.

But what do you do to make them feel that way?I would like to tell you based on my theory and successful experience.

In the first place, dad life requires a certain amount of emotional conversion.

What is the meaning of this?In other words, the so-called female side needs to change the shift of the head to some extent.

For example, let's say your character is a woman who is usually interested in everything.

In that case, there are many cases where it is better to play a woman who is not really interested in the role of a dad when he is active as a dad because he can balance with the dad.

Of course, this is a very extreme example.

It's just that if you don't change the shift, it's hard to put out too much in the basic dad activity.

Certainly, there are many dads who say they like it.

But think about it.

Daddy just got to know you.

What do you know about yourself in the first place?It's going to be a story.

The so-called papa is just looking for your weakness, saying he wants to see your true nature. (I wonder if it's time to forgive my mind if I change the way I say it)

Apart from that, I think it would be nice if there were women who sold it, but for me it would definitely be the opposite.

The reason is that dad life is just a business. (Relationship formed by matching what we need with what the other party needs)

This is because I think that if you show too much of your private background, you will cross the line of business.

Especially for those who can't control their emotions well.

Of course, I'm getting help, so what are you doing?I think there is absolutely no place like that, and there are cases where the contract with Papa won't work unless you tell it.

But I don't think it's necessary to say more than necessary.

For example, it should be cold inside and warm outside.

If I were to explain it simply, it might be better to use the expression "acting".

Still, if you have a hard time understanding, it's important to take care of your dad as much as you don't usually do when you're meeting him.

And when we're not together, if there's a different dad, think about it, or if there's only one dad, think about a hobby, and in everyday life, think about things with a much lower priority. Is the expression easy to understand?

Really, it's good to have that much difference in temperature, and I think that much will go well in dad life.

In fact, I've been connected to a wonderful dad for several years, and since I switched to this method, I've been able to get along with every dad for a long time.

Maybe I don't realize it myself, but I'm doing a self-analysis, "Isn't it because I stopped saying useless things to my dad?"

I also think that the time I spend with my dad is a solid service, and I wonder if it's proof that I'm devoting myself.

Since I'm a daddy, I'm sure I'll bring in my personal feelings to some extent, and I think I can do things like get sympathy and support.

However, in my experience, if you do it that way, you won't last long with a good dad.

The reason is that Papa will get tired of it, and it will be unreasonable to use the method of seeking sympathy all the time.

And there is a high possibility that Papa will see him as "no growth". (If you received help out of sympathy.)

If it's a one-off contract, it's fine, but the more a father becomes surprisingly good, the more likely he'll want to sign a long-term contract, and women won't want to let him go for a long time either.

In that case, it would be better for the female side to see it as a business called Papa Katsu, and to face the male side, which would be more suitable in terms of service.

So when you sign a contract with a man, from a business point of view, you will be able to get a more concrete understanding of the content, and you will be able to agree on a fair deal.

If this gets too personal, you have to understand the other person's personal feelings, so it's useless, so there are cases where women lose money as a result.

The best case for that is probably SEX.

There will be kids who don't like it.

But it's impossible for someone to understand only my personal feelings and not understand the other person's personal feelings, and of course Papa will be dissatisfied.

Then, after all, it becomes to receive support.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to control the "inner heat" and "outer heat" if you want to do well as a dad.

By all means, I would appreciate it if you could put it in a corner of your head.

Or, if you try it, I'm sure you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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