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What is the act that is disliked by dad life?


smoking girl

Recently, the number of non-smokers in Japan has increased further, and it seems that the world has become difficult for smokers to live in.

I am a former smoker and now a non-smoker.

But do I hate smokers?If you ask me, I will answer "NO" immediately.

I mean, does cigarette smoke bother you that much?Maybe it's just because I used to be a smoker.

Somehow, in the past few years, I feel that non-smokers are a little too hysterical, or too radical, but is it just my mind?

If you are a woman who is a daddy, I think you will understand, but are many of the men you are dating non-smokers?Every dad I've ever dated was a smoker.

In the first place, how do women who say that smoking is good deal with Papa Katsu?

No way, I wonder if I'm forcing my smoker's dad to quit smoking.

If so, I think it's pretty cruel.

A woman who is in a position to receive an allowance and a position to provide services.

Nevertheless, in order to create a comfortable space for myself, I encourage the smoker's dad to quit smoking.

Of course, some people may say that they are worried about their health, but I feel that Papa doesn't want that kind of intervention.

On the contrary, am I the only one who feels like it's just making me care?

Non-smokers tell smokers that they don't like the smell of smoke, that they get cancer, and so on.

After all, the exhaust gas is much worse for your health and smells bad.

I feel sorry for my dad if he can't judge things only as far as I can see.

So what if the woman who works as a papa is a smoker?

This is a common topic of discussion among women.

Actually, there are quite a lot of female smokers around me.

8% of them are smokers. (maybe rare these days)

Inevitably, there are many female friends who smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes, probably because they are ex-drinkers, children who are stressed out, and many of them like to drink.

But no one smokes on the street, littering, or smokes in front of non-smokers.

They always ask me, "I want to smoke, so can I move to a place where I can smoke?"

So to speak, what I want to say is that only people who keep good manners.

Certainly, when I think about it now, I don't see any people on the streets who are smoking bad manners.I think.

There are many smoking women around me, but have you ever seen someone who was actually disliked by their dad?There is no one when it is said.

I think the reason for this is that dads smoke a lot, so they don't mind if the other person smokes.

Certainly, I heard that dads and other generations could smoke anywhere.

I think you could smoke it on an airplane. (It's also an international flight.)

I wonder what time it is.

That's why I don't think you should worry about it anymore.

My dad is also a smoker, but when he sees a woman smoking, he just says something like, "You look delicious."

When I talked about quitting before, I said, "It goes well with alcohol."

He also said, "If you were a smoker, I would have taught you cigars."

To be honest, I'm very curious about "cigars".

That's something you blow off without inhaling, right?I've seen it in a movie scene.

I also think that I want to smoke a "cigar" once in my life.

Going back to the topic, I think it's unlikely that Papa will dislike you for being a "smoker".

Certainly, there are various dads, so I can't say that all of them will accept smokers.

However, from what I've heard from dads I've been dating and dads my friends are dating, it doesn't seem like smokers will hate me.

Therefore, I would like to tell you here that even if a woman who works as a dad is a smoker, she does not have to force herself to become a non-smoker.

how about a drinker?

Drinkers, on the contrary, are often liked by their fathers.

The reason is that I've never seen a person who doesn't drink alcohol in Papa.

And if you go out with them, they will be quite pleased, and the conversation will be lively.

That's why you can expect a pretty good development by negotiating allowances while drinking alcohol. (This is the case that I actually experienced.)

Certainly, I think that drinking alcohol with two people is more delicious than drinking alone, and I feel like most people think so.

On the other hand, if you want to drink alone, I think it's the opinion of someone who usually drinks in large groups.

But be careful.

Occasionally, there are women who are on par with alcohol, right?Be really careful about that.

As expected, women at the middle level of alcohol are drawn from men.

The men who women who work as dads meet are all rich.

So-called wealthy people know how to enjoy alcohol.

Especially when you're drinking wine, it's easy to understand.

Then, when a woman with an alcoholic level is with you, injecting alcohol into your body is ahead of the taste of wine.

If you do so, men will think, "Is this good sake ruined?"

Besides, there is a possibility that the other man will think of you as "a woman with no dignity".

When you're working as a dad, this "class" part is very important, and men who become dads honestly hate vulgar women.

So, if you think, "I can't live without alcohol," I think you should drink as much as you like after your dad's activities are over.

Daddy life is just a business.

Shouldn't there be a sense of tension there?That's what I think, and I often talk to my friends about "women who failed with alcohol".

However, I don't think dad hates me for drinking alcohol, and I think it's good in that if you're strong, you'll be able to get along with dad.

I'm weak in alcohol, so I can't always go out with my dad until the end.

That's why, on special days, I always think, "I wish I could drink a little more."

It's also part of Papa Katsunai that people don't like overdoing things, so everyone should be careful.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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