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Recommended spots for dad life that I choose 2023 Vol.1


Where we meet is important.

Isn't it troublesome to find a place when you unexpectedly meet a man when you're a daddy?When I first started being a dad, I didn't feel that much trouble.

The reason was that my heart was pounding just to meet a man, and I didn't have time to look for a place.

However, when I started to get used to being a dad, I began to wonder, "What's better?"

Of course, depending on the papa, there are times when he says, "Leave everything to me!!!"

However, although this is the real intention, there are many cases where dads do not specify places that women prefer.

This is something that all women who are working as dads have experienced.

Ah there.

It tastes good to eat, too.

But I don't like the atmosphere.

But Papa went to the trouble of picking it for me, so I have to smile and go.

Besides, it's just a matter of specifying this, but I don't know the store at all.

By the way, my dad is quite old.

If we choose a store based on our senses, won't it give us a sense of dissatisfaction?Or maybe I'm going to make you take care of me and give my dad stress?And so on, the female side becomes a seed to worry about. (I have also experienced)

However, if you have a certain amount of knowledge about the place in advance, you can make requests to the men from here, and I think it will also lead to saving the trouble of papa himself spending a strange amount of time working for you.

Perhaps, I have the impression that a woman who is doing a good job as a dad has a lot of knowledge about this part.

Do you have a so-called antenna?That's what I'm talking about.

Around me, I have a lot of daddy female friends who are well-equipped to say that.

That's why, after asking around, the pattern of specifying the store has increased considerably recently, and there are many things that papa is pleased with, "It saves time and effort."

Certainly, if a man asks me, "Where is the best place to shop?"

In particular, some women who work as dads may be dating multiple men, and there should be many people who are busy with work other than daddy activities.

So, this time, I would like to introduce a shop that I'm glad I actually went to when I was working as a dad.

Of course, which one was better?I would also like to elaborate. (Limited to Tokyo)

ANA Continental

First of all, the place is lovely.

It's located in Akasaka, Minato Ward, but from the entrance it's full of luxury.

I often use this place when I first meet my dad when I make a contract with him.

There is a certain amount of people coming and going, but when you look up, there is a grand piano, and depending on the day, someone is playing.

Or rather, the interior is at a level that may be a little early if you are in your thirties.

There are restaurants where you can eat steak, as well as Chinese food.

Besides, since lunch is also served during the day, basically I have many opportunities to use this place.

That's why there are times when I go three times a week in many months.

A place that is easy to use for dad activities.

And above all, a steakhouse at night will surprise you.

It's quite likely that men in their seventies are having dinner with women in their early twenties.

This is my prediction, but maybe that's all papa katsu?and I'm watching

Because everyone has the same feeling as me.

Also, this is a matter of concern for Papa.

Parking is provided underground.

Of course, if you eat something, it will be free, and there is an elevator from the parking lot, so you can go in and out without going outside.

On this point, some dads say they don't want to walk to the parking lot.

I'm sure Papa who said that will definitely like it too.

Besides, I can stay there with Papa as it is, and I like the fact that I don't have to go out every time.

Also, if it's a weekday, the rooms are surprisingly vacant, and if it's the same day, there are only good rooms, so it's a reasonable amount, but it's worth staying.

The breakfast and lunch the next day will be gorgeous, and it will also be a great memory to spend with Papa.

That's why I think it's an ant to use it for special events such as Christmas.

However, since a dress code is required for the time being, you cannot enter the restaurant with sandals or similar clothing, so please be careful about that.

Ruby Jack's Steakhouse

Somehow, I'm only going to a steak restaurant.

But this place is special.

First of all, the place is Ark Hills South Tower in Roppongi, Minato-ku.

A lot of people may know, but it's a perfect celebrity place.

Anyway, the moment you enter is another space.

Everything is fashionable and full of adult atmosphere.

As for food, honestly speaking, it ranks 10th on a scale of 7.

However, the place and the atmosphere will completely enchant women.

That's why you can take as many photos as you like on Instagram.

Many of the staff are foreigners, so even if you ask your dad for something while he's working as a dad, you don't have to worry about the people around you.

After that, I had the impression that there were many foreign customers.

Even though they are foreigners, they are clearly rich people.

The parking lot is also on the 1st floor, so I think it's easy for dads with cars to come.

However, this is not a hotel, so if you want to drink, maybe a taxi.

Therefore, it may not be a place to go with the stance of staying nearby.

However, once you go there, you'll understand, but the interior design is something that all women like.

It feels dim, and it feels like there are beautiful candles on the table.

When I use this place, I usually stop by on the way home from shopping with my dad.

Somehow, I often use it when I want to talk slowly rather than drinking alcohol with my dad.

It's a great, relaxing restaurant.

Also, there is a bar in the back, so you can use it when you want to drink alcohol separately, and it may be an ant to hold a nearby hotel and have dinner here.

Why don't you try using it once in your dad's life?

If you're the same age, anywhere is fine.

As expected, when it comes to dating an adult man.

The female side is also questioned about sense.

I think women who are working as dads can understand.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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