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Face exposure and spear escape... Risks and disadvantages of dad active girls

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, food price hikes, and the depreciation of the yen, the number of women who are suffering from poverty and are starting to work as dads is increasing rapidly.However, depending on the method of searching for Daddy, various difficulties may be involved.This time, we listened to the risks and hardships of each papa-katsu girl from among the many papa-katsu content.


Anguish of Daddy Matching App...

“More and more girls are using daddy matching apps, and now it’s hard to match with their daddy. Before, I could just send them two or three messages and I could meet them right away, but now it’s the same daddy every day. After exchanging messages many times a day and getting along well, it feels like I can finally make a face-to-face meeting.


Just the other day, my dad, who had been exchanging messages for nearly two weeks, said, ``Would you like to have a cup of tea for 2 yen? I sent it.Then I got a reply saying, 'It's a bit strange to talk about money even though we haven't met...', and then I stopped receiving replies.There are too many dads who are satisfied with just having a message with a girl..." (Reina, 5000 years old)


If you do dad activities on SNS...

“SNS such as Tw*tter makes it easy to find dads, but there are many strange dads. A friend of mine met a dad on SNS and asked me to go out for a drink. I was supposed to just drink, but when my friend came back from the bathroom and drank alcohol, he suddenly felt sick.


My friend should be a strong drinker, but when I was feeling that it was strange, my dad said, ``Did you get drunk?Shall we send it? and tried to force her friend into a taxi.My friend thought it was dangerous and ran away immediately, so he was safe, but if he made a mistake, he might get involved in a crime..." (Mayu, 21 years old)


It's a big deal if you live as a dad on a dating site!

"I heard that the competition rate for dating apps is high, so I registered on a dating site. I thought it would be safe because there weren't many people around me who registered for dating. I met my father and earned money, but the problem is after that...


I posted a picture of my face so that I could meet my dad as soon as possible, but my college friend found out about me.Rumors quickly circulated and my boyfriend from the same university dumped me.I'm still isolated at university..." (Mr. Yu, 20 years old)


If you're looking for a partner to live with as a dad at a sex shop...

“I work at a sex shop, but there are no customers at all due to the corona crisis. I'm in trouble, especially the worst thing was that I was speared.


There was a customer at the store who said, "If you let me do the production, I'll sign a contract for 15 yen a month."It was a customer who seemed to have money, so I let him have sex without telling the shop.After that, I never came to the store, let alone contact me.As a bonus, I was infected with chlamydia, and I had to close the shop, which was really the worst..." (Lina, 22 years old)


There are many rich people in luxury lounges, but...

“I work part-time at a luxury lounge in Tokyo. The cast members I work with are mainly girls who want to be dads. The customers are rich and young, so I was hoping to find a good dad. However, all the customers are funny because they usually go to high-class clubs and hang out with models and idols... I'm not just a daddy, I'm just seen as a frustration.


The other day, I said, ``Would you like to come over for a drink with a president you know? I was invited by a customer, so when I went there, it was an orgy party in a hotel room.I was invited, but I refused because I didn't like promiscuity.Moreover, the allowance is only about the taxi fare.Other children said, ``I want the company president to like me and become a daddy,'' but I couldn't do it..." (Miu, 25 years old)


What are the tips for new entrants to earn money?

There are many ways to find a Daddy partner, but like them, there are always risks and disadvantages.If you are looking for a safe and stable income, a dating club that only sets up dates is the best option.


Papa is only a male member with a high status who has paid a high admission fee and passed a tough interview.Since the market price of allowance is decided from the beginning, there is no need to negotiate by yourself.


You don't need to communicate directly with your dad because you will be contacted through the office for setting up with your dad.When it comes to meeting Daddy, he chooses a place that is out of the public eye, so you don't have to worry about prying eyes or getting caught.


You can also have a professional photographer take pictures, and you can fully demonstrate your appealing points, so you can quickly meet a good dad.If you are a woman who wants to do dad activities safely, please consider registering for a dating club.

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